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CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Theme - Break Up
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Theme - Depression

Sunlight Melts the Snow

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The Roches  To Alaska With Love  buy on itunes
Al Oster  Klondike Cattle Drive  buy on itunes
Ecklectica  Arctic Eyes  buy on itunes
Wan Light  The Eskimo In Me  buy on itunes
The Carpenters  Bless the Beasts and Children  buy on itunes
Tori Amos  Winter   buy on itunes
Al Oster  Way Up Alaska Way  buy on itunes
The Eagles  Try and Love Again  buy on itunes
Michelle Shocked  Anchorage   buy on itunes
Bill Haley  Icy Heart   buy on itunes
Marlene Dietrich  Falling In Love Again   buy on itunes
Keiko Matsui  Under Northern Lights   buy on itunes
Modern English  I Melt With You   buy on itunes
Indigo Girls  Closer to Fine   buy on itunes
Patti LaBelle  New Attitude   buy on itunes
Nu Shooz  Point of No Return  buy on itunes
Al Oster  Alaska Star 49  buy on itunes
Arctic Fire  Arctic Fire   buy on itunes
Hypnotic  EskamonT (Sakral mix)  buy on itunes
Diana Ross  To Love Again   buy on itunes


Making friends is easy in Point Hope, Alaska. The townspeople, most of them Native-American Inupiat Eskimos, rolled out the welcome wagon for Judy like few others had ever done before. She was granted the guest quarters in the town's small wooden church and found part-time work unloading cargo at the area's only paved landing strip. The supplies she removed from the delivery planes each Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday helped to put clothes on the backs and food in the mouths of the kind-hearted people of Point Hope, Alaska. She was happy to contribute to the community in this small way and before long she had earned the trust and affection of the town's 757 inhabitants. She learned to hunt caribou, to collect and identify wildflowers, and was soon even able to carry on simple conversations with the village elders using some of the most basic words of the Inupiaq language: "house," "father," "square-dance," "lips." In case of emergency, she was taught to shield herself from the bitter northern winds by making thick protective blankets from the blubber of a walrus. A special friend showed her how she could listen to the soothing musical warblings of the local whale populations by using a device made of two tin cans, a long piece of string and a bar of soap. "I, truly, have never been happier," Judy whispered to the falling snow. This was the new life she had longed for, and she grabbed hold of it with both hands. The clothing, pastimes and worries she carried upon her arrival in Point Hope, Alaska seemed to her now as if from another galaxy. She left all that behind, adopting instead the local Native American customs, fashions, recipes and slang. She felt safe here, secure. She finally felt as if she belonged, like she was one of the gang. While unloading provisions at the area's only paved landing strip, she became acquainted with a swarthy young Iraqi pilot named Mustafa Arabi Hajjaj who brought exotic carpets and oils to the people of Point Hope, Alaska on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month. Although she had worked hard to occupy her mind with only the most intellectual of pursuits, she couldn't help but notice that Mustafa's jaw was strikingly similar in both shape and angle to that of her beloved Bernard. She noticed, too, that Mustafa seemed to pay her special attention. Conversation grew between the two with every visit. He started bringing her gifts from Iraq; a bracelet first, then a lovely green hand-woven oven mitt and a tiny vial of soft, pink body oil labeled "morning mist." After nearly three months of delicate courtship, Mustafa surprised her with an impromptu snowmobile excursion up the coast to his most personal and private place. Together there in the vast open air of the rugged Alaska north, they shared a meal of seal meat, baked beans and bootlegged liquor while watching a pod of Bowhead Whales frolic and play in the icy Arctic waters before them. Judy liked Mustafa. He made her laugh. After finishing the meal, she carefully laid her head to rest on one of his masculine shoulders, sighing gently. Slowly, the warm fog of romantic love began to creep back into her heart's frosty chambers.
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Little Spencer Boys
Date: 3/13/2006
Nice tuneage and an excellent narrative. Hope that Judy does well.

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