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dude! there's a ten foot pole in your hallway/finals suck and we don't know how to study

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ben gibbard  corolina  buy on itunes
guster  mona lisa   buy on itunes
ben kweller  hear me out   buy on itunes
a small victory  farewell capeside   buy on itunes
k's choice  tired   buy on itunes
jack johnson  medicore bad guys  buy on itunes
ryan adams  when the stars go blue   buy on itunes
sleep station  goodnight to the moon   buy on itunes
broken social scene  anthems for a seventeen year old girl   buy on itunes
damnien rice  delicate  buy on itunes
iron and wine  waiting for superman  buy on itunes
ben harper  another lonely day   buy on itunes
codeseven  alt wav  buy on itunes
coco b's  send off   buy on itunes
paul westerberg  let the bad times roll   buy on itunes
open hand  trench warfare   buy on itunes
bright eyes  train under water   buy on itunes


i made this back in december when it was finals week. it was intended just for me and my friend mike. the songs are basically just nice things to hear when you're trying to keep your bloodshot eyes open at 2am in the library.
the first half of the mix title comes from one night when we were hanging out in my room. and mike looked through my peephole because someone was being loud. and he swore he saw a ten foot pole in my hallway. i opened the door, looked around, looked at my door, and realized he saw my dry erase marker. silly boy.
oh. and he didn't know the majority of the songs on this mix, let alone the bands/artists.
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