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What was THAT? - (Musical Mutants)

Artist Song Buy
Tom Wilson  Lesbian Seagull  buy on itunes
Eilart Pilarm, "the Swedish Elvis"  All Shook Up  buy on itunes
Stubby & the Bucaneers  Money, Marbles, & Chalk  buy on itunes
Troy Hess  Please Don't Go Topless, Mother  buy on itunes
Count Down & the Moonsters  Hindu on a Honda  buy on itunes
John F Kennedy, w/ added backup chorus  Ask Not Waltz  buy on itunes
Castanet Cats Super Circus  Ding Dong Dickie Dong  buy on itunes
unknown  Twinkies & Ding Dongs  buy on itunes
Roy Acuff  History of the Violin  buy on itunes
Zuni Midnighters  Yellow River  buy on itunes
Lionel Davis  Candy Pants  buy on itunes
Buddy Max  The Story of My Birthmark  buy on itunes
Leona Anderson  Rats In My Room  buy on itunes
John Trubee  A Blind Man's Penis  buy on itunes
Pebbles & Bam-Bam  Let the Sun Shine In  buy on itunes
Carrie's Problem  Led Zeppelin (Was a Really Good Band)  buy on itunes
unknown  Three Blind Moose  buy on itunes
John F Kennedy, w/ added backup chorus  The Trumpet  buy on itunes
Raphael  Going Out of My Head  buy on itunes
Mel & Dave  Spinning Wheel  buy on itunes
Johnny & the Baa-Baas  I Can't Sleep  buy on itunes
Teddy & Darryl  Strangers in the Night  buy on itunes
unknown  Love Balls  buy on itunes
Mr. Rogers  You Can Never Go Down the Drain  buy on itunes


These are all weird with a beard -- Some from thrift shop vinyl, some from a British "World's Worst" radio show -- but I've excluded, I hope, the ones that are painful to listen to. Somewhat in the same spirit & vein as Casetta's amazing "So Bad, So Strange . . ." tape.
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Date: 3/12/2001
Well glad I inspired a mix for you. John Trubee is wonderful, very Beefheart-esqe. Anyone who can come up with a line like "Burt Convey Shaved Off His Pubic Hair" deserves merit in my twisted world.
Nest of Vipers
Date: 1/16/2004
You have the Swedish Elvis! Heard him on the radio once and nearly died from the laughing. This mix is really something...
Date: 1/25/2006
Is that a Michael Snow sculpture?
Date: 4/21/2006
The John Trubee piqued my interest right off, but the Mr. Rogers gets me -- he was so wonderful.

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