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The Fine Line Between Appreciation and Addiction

Artist Song Buy
Beck  Novacaine  buy on itunes
Cypress Hill (featuring Sonic Youth)  I Love You, Mary Jane  buy on itunes
The Warlocks  Shake the Dope Out   buy on itunes
Now It's Overhead  8th Grade Roller  buy on itunes
Barenaked Ladies  Alcohol   buy on itunes
Quasimoto  Astro Travellin'   buy on itunes
...and You will Know Us by the Trail of Dead  Another Morning Stoner   buy on itunes
Wilson Pickett  Mama Told Me Not to Come   buy on itunes
Atmosphere  Funny Colors in my Mushroom Trails  buy on itunes
Kay's Choice  I'm Not an Addict  buy on itunes
Deep Fat Fried  Smokin' Blunts  buy on itunes
Bright Eyes  Down a Rabbit Hole  buy on itunes
Aesop Rock  The Greatest Pac-Man Victory in History   buy on itunes
Marini Marino  Cocaine Bill  buy on itunes
The Volta Sound  She Gets Me High   buy on itunes
Cannibal Ox  Painkillers  buy on itunes
Nine Inch Nails  Hurt   buy on itunes
The Brian Jonestown Massacre  Hyperventilation   buy on itunes


Theme is rather simplistic: Drugs, drugs, alcohol, marijuana, drugs! I was hesitant to put "Hyperventilation" on here, since it's 10 minutes long and I believe in getting the most out of a mix CD, but the temptation was far too great to resist, and isn't that really what this mix is all about? Go sniff some glue and enjoy!


Mike Eternity
Date: 4/1/2006
If I ever associated myself with drugs, this would light up my day, so to speak. While not a fan of every track, The Warlocks, Bright Eyes, AYWKUBTTOD, and any version of "Mama Told Me" help illuminate any already interesting set. Your choice of Beck is apt, but in the abstract sense I think pretty much any Beck song would be. And might I suggest The Moldy Peaches or The glue-sniffin' Ramones (obviously) for volume 2?
Little Spencer Boys
Date: 4/1/2006
Hey Pigpen... Please see my "Tasteless Series". WHile I add sex to the mix, maybe you'll find something to enjoy. Meanwhile I am always looking for 'tasteless' material and this fits the bill...
Date: 4/2/2006
::passes to the left::
dc pigpen
Date: 4/4/2006
Actually, LSB, this is a remake of a mix I made a couple of years ago, and the Tasteless Series is what inspired me to redo it. Next time I'll get some raunchy sex stuff on there. Lord knows I have enough, right? Er, um...I've said too much...

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