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Graveless Souls [black]

Artist Song Buy
Emperor  Night of the Graveless Souls   buy on itunes
Burzum  Det Som Engang Var  buy on itunes
Darkthrone  Trasilvanian Hunger  buy on itunes
Mayhem  Freezing Moon   buy on itunes
Behemoth  Wolves Guard My Coffin   buy on itunes
Beherit  The Gate of Nanna  buy on itunes
Naglfar  Enslave The Astral Fortress   buy on itunes
Satyricon  Walk The Path of Sorrow   buy on itunes
Enslaved  Slaget I Skogen Bortenfor  buy on itunes


Following the death and doom comps these are the black metal songs I especially liked back in the olden days of the early and mid 1990s. If something isnt listed here I either didnt care for it or I didnt have it at the time.
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