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MP3 Playlist | Theme - Depression
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CD | Theme - Romantic

Let's Swing Our Lives Away

Artist Song Buy
Rise Against!  swing life away  buy on itunes
Buddy Holly  oh boy!   buy on itunes
Bright Eyes  the first day of my life  buy on itunes
Blessid Union Of Souls  hey leonardo (she likes me for me)   buy on itunes
Depeche Mode  enjoy the silence   buy on itunes
Creedence Clearwater Revivial  ninety-nine and a half won't do  buy on itunes
Deathcab For Cutie  i'll follow you into the dark  buy on itunes
Paul Simon and Ladysmith Black Mombazo  diamonds on the souls of her shoes  buy on itunes
The Beatles  two of us   buy on itunes
Ben Kweller  falling   buy on itunes
Tom Waits  hold on   buy on itunes
Van Morrison  moondance   buy on itunes
Jump, Little Children  by the way they dance  buy on itunes
Third Eye Blind  good for you   buy on itunes
311  love song (Cure cover)  buy on itunes
Carbon Leaf  life less ordinary   buy on itunes
Boys Don't Cry  i wanna be a cowboy   buy on itunes
Coheed and Cambria  the suffering   buy on itunes
Weezer  hold me   buy on itunes
Modest Mouse  one chance   buy on itunes
Ben Folds  the luckiest   buy on itunes
Third Eye Blind  anything (acoustic)  buy on itunes



Date: 4/16/2006
hell yeah, i'll swing to this
Date: 4/16/2006
you gotta make some more!!
Little Spencer Boys
Date: 4/16/2006
fine mix. Fine first mix! Tell us what you were/are thinking!!! Like a lot here, and have had # 8 in my head all day...
Date: 4/16/2006
thanks guys :) I made this for me and my boyfriends 2 year anniversary, and I plan on posting many more mixes that I have/will made/make. when I made this cd, I also did this book thing where each page is a song from the mix, and there is a painting I did of what the lyrics meant to me/us. its going to make a sweet aniiversary gift (three months late). oh, and everyone needs to check out #7, 13 and 21...they make me cry :)
Date: 4/16/2006
This mix is absolutely wonderful. I love it!
Date: 4/19/2006
My favourite thing (if i can choose a favourite thing) about diamonds on the souls of her shoes is that in the liner notes everything is written out phonetically, so all the Ta na na Ta na na etc. i love it so much

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