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CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Theme - Break Up
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Theme - Depression

Parade of Dreams and Fears

Artist Song Buy
Mercury Man  L to the A  buy on itunes
Johnny Moore's Three Blazers  Los Angeles Blues   buy on itunes
Albert Hammond  Hero on Parade   buy on itunes
Missing Persons  Walking In L.A.   buy on itunes
Woody Herman  Blues on Parade   buy on itunes
Sleep Station  Last Parade   buy on itunes
Sonny Criss  Misty Roses  buy on itunes
Frank Camp  Parade of Fools  buy on itunes
Kepler  I'm a Parade  buy on itunes
Elly Brown  Wax the Roses   buy on itunes
Jean-Paul Sarte Experience  Grey Parade  buy on itunes
Arnaldo Antunes  Paradeiro  buy on itunes
Stew  Cold Parade   buy on itunes
Luscious Jackson  Roses Fade  buy on itunes
Kelley Hunt  New Shade of Blue   buy on itunes
Ordained Fate  Parade of Pain  buy on itunes
Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles  Precious Lord, Take My Hand  buy on itunes
Counting Crows  Hard Candy   buy on itunes
Gabriel Yared  City of Angels   buy on itunes
Journey  Don't Stop Believin'   buy on itunes


Judy had heard all about Los Angeles from her friend Irene in Cedar Rapids, but still the buzz and flurry of the city overwhelmed and intimidated her. She gazed out in wonder as her taxi sped past the towering structures of downtown. She gasped at the Hollywood sign looming high above the city and marveled at the multitude of spaghetti-like freeways curling one above the other. She couldn't even count them all on both hands! Judy was weary from her trip and was grateful that General Linford had arranged for her to be tucked into a cozy one-bedroom apartment in South Pasadena until the Rose Parade began. Days passed lazily as she drifted in and out of restless slumber, reading and re-reading the two issues of Family Circle magazine a former tenant had left behind. Occasionally she walked to Randy's Market several blocks away to purchase the bare necessities from her grocery list. The store's kindly owner, Mr. Fung, took a liking to Judy and immediately began ribbing her good-naturedly. He told her that anything can happen in L.A., that even her wildest dreams could come true. "We'll just have to see about that, Mr. Fung," Judy fired back with a wry (yet affectionate) grin.

Finally the big day arrived. As Grand Marshal, Judy's coach would be one of the last in the parade, as part of the grand finale. She was to be hailed as a war hero - a brave woman who had withstood capture, humiliation and torture in Iraq before being rescued by stalwart American forces. General Linford had suggested that Judy not mention that her captors had also been American. Nobody likes a Grand Marshal who throws rain on their own parade, he said. Judy agreed. She had never been one to quibble over details, and she felt it was important for people to focus on the positive aspects of her story.

As the flamboyantly decorated floats and energetic marching bands began their slow procession up Colorado Boulevard, Judy quickly slipped into the magnificent uniform that had been designated for her position. She was hoisted into a purple recliner that had been set atop a Toyota Camry which had, in turn, been draped with lovely white table coverings made of delicate Belgian lace.

As she began moving up the street, Judy smiled lovingly and waved expressively while casting Tootsie Rolls and lollypops toward the grasping hands of greedy children. The crowds adored her. They chanted her name and gave the military salute while she blew them patriotic kisses. But even the waves of loving admiration emanating from the ecstatic throng before her could not quell the feelings of despair and apprehension that slowly crept upward through her being. Behind the radiant smile, she began to wonder what would become of her once the parade came to an end, when the echoes of applause had faded and the garments she so proudly wore were folded and put away for next year's hero.

Just as her inner feelings of hopeless anxiety threatened to erupt into a grotesque visual display of utter despair, a wily and handsome gentleman lunged from the crowd, clawing his way across the Belgian lace to where Judy sat upon her makeshift throne. He introduced himself as Robert Mailhouse, a friend and band mate of Keanu Reeves! They were reforming their rock band, Dogstar, and were looking for a lead female vocalist. Keanu had read that Judy's vocal talents had saved her life in Abu Ghraib and he knew then that she would be the new voice of Dogstar. As parade security plucked Robert from the Camry and cast him back into the crowd, he threw his card at Judy, screaming that their first practice was planned for Thursday.

For several seconds Judy sat frozen in time and space, hardly able to comprehend what had just happened. Keanu Reeves? Thursday? Rock Band? Female? As the magnitude of her good fortune began to settle in, Judy giggled deliriously to herself, filled her ten-gallon hat with penny candy and flung it jubilantly into the screaming crowd.
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Date: 5/12/2006
Awe-inspiring. I've heard of "mix of the week", but is there a "series of the century" award?
Date: 5/13/2006
If only we could all live lives as colourful as Judy's... *sigh*
Date: 5/14/2006
As an Angelino, also in awe, I would love to trade for this! I look forward to Judy's upcoming release.

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