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higgly piggly.

Artist Song Buy
The Full Time Men  High on drugs  buy on itunes
The Hi-Risers  VOLCANO  buy on itunes
The 101ers  Letsgetabitarockin  buy on itunes
Chet Atkins  Yakety Axe   buy on itunes
Kyu Sakamoto  Ue O Muite Aruko (Sukiyaki)  buy on itunes
The Picketts  Sukiyaki   buy on itunes
The Rooftop Singers  Walk right in   buy on itunes
Roy Orbison  Oh Pretty Woman   buy on itunes
Ronnie Hawkins & the Hawks  Mary Lou  buy on itunes
The Jaynettes  Sally go round the roses  buy on itunes
James Brown  Think   buy on itunes
Bobby "Blue" Bland  Further on up the road  buy on itunes
The Groovie Ghoulies  Carol   buy on itunes
The Surfaris  Wipe out   buy on itunes
Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders  Game of love  buy on itunes
The Fleshtones  I was a teenage zombie  buy on itunes
Ray Stevens  Ahab the Arab   buy on itunes
The Troggs  With a girl like you   buy on itunes
The Valentinos  I've got love for you   buy on itunes
Dale & Grace  I'm leaving it all up to you   buy on itunes
The Singing Nun  Dominique  buy on itunes
Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys  Bluegrass stomp  buy on itunes
Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames  Yeh Yeh  buy on itunes
Boots Randolph  Big Daddy   buy on itunes


I'm just messin' around - companion piece to 'willy nilly' from a few weeks back... sorta.


Mark Petruccelli
Date: 5/16/2006
Fun stuff, Love the Ray Stevens, Orbison, Troggs and Boots picks especially
Rob Conroy
Date: 5/16/2006
I love a lot of this stuff. Nice work. And drop a damned line (that's TELEPHONE line) someday.
The Misfit
Date: 5/16/2006
Great picks.
French Connection
Date: 5/16/2006
Nice one Sean; Jenergy (where's she these days?) will be pleased to see Georgie Fame on a mix.
Date: 5/17/2006
My kinda mix. I say yeh yeh.
Date: 5/17/2006
Another gooden...though I am unfamiliar with a fair deal, here, the 101ers, Atkins and Fleshtones picks are worth the price of admission, alone.
Date: 5/18/2006
Good lookin' mix, mate. Glad to see some love for the Singing Nun. BTW, my cat spewed all over your Free-kee Ow-tee!!! Free-kee Ow-tee!!! mix last week. I might have to trade you for a replacement copy one of these days, as the furry little guy just saturated the thing.
Date: 5/19/2006
As always, my ass from tender from how hard your mix kicked it. Great opener. And I'm glad to some love for the Groovie Ghoulies. And extra props for the Ray Stevens.
DJ Karen Adams
Date: 7/20/2006
I'm with sammyg123.
joey de vivre
Date: 9/4/2006
Jumping yakety-whackety VOLCANIC rockety-sprockety teenage zombie Moon Music!
I do like the Sukiyaki 0ne-Two punch but even more I think I like the stunt jumps, like from Bobby Bland to the Groovie Ghoulies or from the Singing Nun to Bill Monroe.
All over the place - I say yeh yeh!

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