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CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
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Indie Rock for Jews

Artist Song Buy
Death Cab for Cutie  A Movie Script Ending   buy on itunes
Ghosty  Big Surrender   buy on itunes
The Double  Idiocy   buy on itunes
The Shins  Mine's Not a High Horse  buy on itunes
Pinback  Fortress  buy on itunes
Wilco  Kamera  buy on itunes
The Spinto Band  Direct to Helmet  buy on itunes
Headphones  Natural Disaster  buy on itunes
Bill Ricchini  She Don't Come Around Here Anymore  buy on itunes
Luke Temple  In the End  buy on itunes
Ambulance LTD  Swim  buy on itunes
The Pernice Brothers  Saddest Quo  buy on itunes
Joseph Arthur  Evidence  buy on itunes
Mazarin  See You in the Evening  buy on itunes
Elliott Smith  Happiness   buy on itunes
Broken Social Scene  Stars and Sons  buy on itunes
The Decemberists  Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect   buy on itunes
Stars  Set Yourself on Fire  buy on itunes
The Postal Service  We Will Become Silhouettes  buy on itunes


Made for my Jewish friend Josh Moger, who I made friends with in third grade. At one point in grade school I gave him a mix tape for his birthday, and for my birthday, he rewrapped the mix tape and gave it back to me. A few years back I made "The Scene Unfolds" for him and he barely ever listened to it if at all. And yet, he came crawling to me recently saying he was tired of his CD collection (which consists primarily of Dave Matthews Band, U2 and Radiohead) and asked for me to whip him up some new music. So I made this and bonus CD (which I'll post soon). He better fucking listen to it.


Date: 5/22/2006
Nothin' wrong with Radiohead (or at least Olde Radiohead). Love the title of this mix. :)
Nope, Radiohead is probably the pinnacle of his music taste, which also includes Our Lady Peace and Queen.
Date: 5/23/2006
Very nice...and yes, love the title :-)
Date: 5/23/2006
Good to see the Double on here PCT! (That's a damned good release as a whole.)Yes, Josh better f___ing listen to this!
Date: 5/23/2006
This looks great hopefully he will listen to this mix it sure beets the heck out of DMB.
Date: 7/6/2006
You're such an ass. I'll get the comment forms back to you (and yes, I finished them in triplicate).
I'll believe them when I see them!

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