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Nicht gerade bnrgerliches Leben

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Muff Potter  Young until I die   buy on itunes
Gigantor  29x the pain  buy on itunes
Tocotronic  Sie wollen uns erzShlen   buy on itunes
Millencolin  Mr. Clean   buy on itunes
Jupiter Jones  Auf das Leben! (Fnr den Film)   buy on itunes
No Use For A Name  For Fiona   buy on itunes
...But Alive  Weniger als fnnf Sekunden  buy on itunes
No Fun At All  Celestial Q&A   buy on itunes
Tut Das Not  Guten Morgen   buy on itunes
Pennywise  Yesterdays   buy on itunes
Kettcar  Ausgetrunken   buy on itunes
Wohlstandskinder  Dein Jesus   buy on itunes
Tomte  Die Bastarde, die Dich jetzt nach Hause bringen   buy on itunes
Side B
...But Alive  Vergiss den Quatsch   buy on itunes
No Fun At All  Pleasure is to be insane   buy on itunes
Tomte  Endlich einmal   buy on itunes
Tut Das Not  Reclaim the streets   buy on itunes
Wohlstandskinder  Wie ein Stern   buy on itunes
Gigantor  Deaf, dumbstruck & living dangerously  buy on itunes
Tocotronic  Ein Abend im Rotary Club   buy on itunes
Millencolin  Fingers crossed   buy on itunes
Jupiter Jones  Kopf hoch und Arsch in den Sattel   buy on itunes
No Use For A Name  Dumb reminders   buy on itunes
Muff Potter  Vom Streichholz & den Motten  buy on itunes
Kettcar  Balkon gegennber   buy on itunes
Pennywise  Bro Hymn Tribute  buy on itunes


It's a tape I've made for my brother. We had a clash, a few years ago. And since that day we'd never spoken any words at each other. This tape were my attempt of propitiation.
The title means something like "Not a middle-class life at all".
Of course the first Song had to be "Young until I die" by Muff Potter ("Wir sind brothers in open arms und young until I die") and the last one had to be "Bro Hymn Tribute". I hope he liked the tape at all. We even have no contact. :/
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Date: 5/22/2006
i only really know tocotronic, of all the bands on here, but i like them, so i'd probably like this.
Date: 5/22/2006
oh yeah, sch÷ner titel!
Date: 5/23/2006
wow. super tape!!! wem das nicht gefSllt, dem ist auch nicht zu helfen. superbands und tolle titel.

ich hoff das renkt sich wieder ein... das tape is ja mal ein anfang.

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