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Tehran Bound

Artist Song Buy
And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead  Perfect Teenhood  buy on itunes
One Last Wish  Break to Broken   buy on itunes
The Wedding Present  Fleshworld   buy on itunes
Magazine  Permafrost   buy on itunes
Joolz  Love Is  buy on itunes
Wire  Ex-Lion Tamer  buy on itunes
Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers  Roadrunner   buy on itunes
Hawksley Workman  No Sissies   buy on itunes
Magnetic Fields  Take Ecstasy With Me  buy on itunes
Suicide  Cheree   buy on itunes
Takako Minekawa  Telstar  buy on itunes
Fad Gadget  Ricky's Hand  buy on itunes
Mesh  I Can't Imagine How It Hurts   buy on itunes
Die Warzau  All Good Girls  buy on itunes
Clan of Xymox  Louise (Live)   buy on itunes
Xmal Deutchland  Incubus Succubus  buy on itunes


Made by the beautiful Jens -- November, 2002. I want to eat her alive.


do your war dance
Date: 6/8/2006
this is excellent. she's a keeper!
Dave Friedrich
Date: 6/9/2006
terrific! A hooray! for Fad Gadget and Suicide.

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