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Omaha Rock City

Artist Song Buy
Tilly and the Wall  Bad Education   buy on itunes
Little Brazil  You and Me   buy on itunes
Cursive  The Radiator Hums   buy on itunes
Neva Dinova  It's Worse When You're Young   buy on itunes
Ten O'Clock Scholars  See You Again   buy on itunes
Bright Eyes  Laura Laurent   buy on itunes
Azure Ray  November   buy on itunes
The Faint  I Disappear   buy on itunes
Tie These Hands  Fight the Change   buy on itunes
The Good Life  Always A Bridesmaid   buy on itunes
Eagle*Seagull  Photograph   buy on itunes
Straight Outta Junior High  I'm Down   buy on itunes
Anonymous American  World War 3   buy on itunes
Kite Pilot  Cellar Door   buy on itunes


As a displaced Omahan, I figured it would be benefitial to have a mix to give to people that says, "I guess, kinda like this." SIDEBAR: In the making of this mix I came across the group "Eagle*Seagull," and my life is better for it.
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