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Albert's Back!

Artist Song Buy
Aretha Franklin  Oh Happy Day  buy on itunes
Devil in a Woodpile  Got Just What I Want  buy on itunes
Ella Fitzgerald  Ridin' High  buy on itunes
Count Basie and Django Reinhardt  Shout and Feel It  buy on itunes
Bessie Smith  There'll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight  buy on itunes
Abigail Washburn  Keys to the Kingdom  buy on itunes
Buddy Miller  There's a Higher Power  buy on itunes
Ella Fitzgerald  Get Happy  buy on itunes
Erin McKeown  We Are More  buy on itunes
Greg Brown  Here in the Going, Going, Gone  buy on itunes
The Groovemongers  The Homecoming  buy on itunes
Taj Mahal  Cakewalk into Town  buy on itunes
Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories  Stay (I Missed You)  buy on itunes
Susan Werner  Seeing You Again  buy on itunes
Erin McKeown  Lucky Day  buy on itunes
Etta James  At Last  buy on itunes
Son Volt  Windfall  buy on itunes
Tim and Mollie O'Brien  He Lifts Me  buy on itunes
Ella Fitzgerald  Sing, My Heart  buy on itunes
The 5 Royales  I Like it Like That  buy on itunes
Billie Holiday  Too Marvelous For Words  buy on itunes
Michael Marra  All Will Be Well  buy on itunes
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy  Go Daddy-o  buy on itunes


I made a stupid mix when he went on the DL, so now I have to make a stupid mix to welcome him back. Go get 'em, Albert!


joey de vivre
Date: 6/22/2006
see, that wasn't so bad, was it?

I like your "going going gone" reference - and the song, too!
Texas Hobart
Date: 6/22/2006
Some really great picks...Well,you say it's stupid then I have to take your word for it.
Date: 6/22/2006
Oh, I love the songs - it's more the concept that's a little silly. Glad you caught the "Going, going, gone" jdv - I liked that too.
Mark Petruccelli
Date: 6/23/2006
Great top to bottom.

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