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MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre
MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre
MP3 Playlist | Theme - Romantic

Headphones are Happiness / Alone Not Lonely

Artist Song Buy
Rilo Kiley  More Adventurous  buy on itunes
Reindeer Section  You Are My Joy  buy on itunes
Frou Frou  Hear Me Out  buy on itunes
Ivy  Edge Of The Ocean  buy on itunes
Peter Gabriel  Mercy Street  buy on itunes
Snow Patrol  Chasing Cars  buy on itunes
Sarah McLachlan  Elsewhere  buy on itunes
Fisher  I Will Love You  buy on itunes
Eva Cassidy  Fields Of Gold  buy on itunes
The Pretenders  I'll Stand By You  buy on itunes
Joni Mitchell  A Case of You  buy on itunes
Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins  You Are What You Love  buy on itunes
Joe Cocker  With A Little Help From My Friends  buy on itunes
Iron & Wine  Each Coming Night  buy on itunes
Holly McNarland  Beautiful Blue  buy on itunes
The Decemberists  Shiny  buy on itunes
Jimi Hendrix  Little Wing  buy on itunes
Coldplay  Warning Sign  buy on itunes
Death Cab For Cutie  What Sarah Said  buy on itunes
Denison Witmer  I Tried To Make You Smile  buy on itunes
Groove Armada  Hands of Time  buy on itunes


Some (relatively) quiet things to listen to and reflect on during my day off. It kind of has the feel of a break-up mix/missing you thing.. probably cos I've been thinking a lot about being on my own and loss. But the sadness I hear coming through my headphones just seems to make things better. There is no better balm to the soul than realizing that while you may be alone in a physical sense, you are never completely alone in the emotional sense.


anthony lombardi
Date: 7/12/2006
"little wing" into "warning sign" is brilliant - nice job
Date: 7/12/2006
nice title!
I completely agree- sometimes I am so grateful that I can put on my music and be so separated from all those around me, and sometimes I think that the music I'm listening to should be playing on a universal sound system.

Love the Snow Patrol song!
Date: 7/13/2006
I like this alot.
Date: 7/14/2006
I think i could be falling

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