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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Experimental

The Starch Issue

Side A
Artist Song Buy
101 Strings  I Could Have Danced All Night  buy on itunes
Latin Playboys  Mr. Wobble  buy on itunes
Yothu Yindi  Gapu (tidal mix)  buy on itunes
Busta Rhymes  Dangerous  buy on itunes
Jackie Davis  Glow Worm Cha-Cha  buy on itunes
Cornershop  Good Shit  buy on itunes
Jeremy Steig  Howlin' For Judy  buy on itunes
Chemical Brothers  Elektrobank (Dust Brothers mix)  buy on itunes
George Gershwin  Allegro Agitato  buy on itunes
Beastie Boys  Jimmy James  buy on itunes
Joe Strummer   War Cry  buy on itunes
Side B
Jack Jones  Love Boat Theme  buy on itunes
The Orb  Little Fluffy Clouds  buy on itunes
Propellerheads  Clang  buy on itunes
Ry Cooder  Define Violence  buy on itunes
Mr. Mirainga  Saguaro's Cryin'  buy on itunes
Fluke  Kitten Moon  buy on itunes
Liquid Liquid  Bell Head  buy on itunes
Ray Coniff  S'Wonderful  buy on itunes
Howie B  How To Suckie  buy on itunes
Spice Girls  Move Over  buy on itunes
LaTour  Blue  buy on itunes


Here's another one from the archives while I put together my latest masterpiece. I made this one at the tail end of my fascination with the so-called "lounge music" movement, which explains why it's so mixed up. "Howlin' For Judy" was sampled for the Beastie Boys' "Sure Shot"(which ironically is not the BB song I chose for this mix), Liquid Liquid was a New York ensemble who did the original version of "White Lines"(well, sort of), and "Move Over" is the song featured in the Spice Girls Pepsi commercial(kind of topical, seeing as we have a new spokesperson for Pepsi now). And finally, since I know no one will get it if I don't tell them, the title of the mix is derived from a mispronounciation of "scar tissue". Thank you and good night...=]'


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