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CD | Theme - Road Trip
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CD | Mixed Genre

Dorokeith 2: The Sequel

Artist Song Buy
Where are You Going [acoustic]  Dave Matthews  buy on itunes
I Love To Singa  Owl Jolson  buy on itunes
That Would Be Somethin'  Paul McCartney  buy on itunes
Sing  Travis  buy on itunes
Love To Love You Baby  No Doubt  buy on itunes
The Luckiest [live]  Ben Folds  buy on itunes
Dear Prudence  The Beatles  buy on itunes
Perfect Lovesong  Divine Comedy  buy on itunes
Naked As We Came  Iron & Wine  buy on itunes
One More Time  Mitch and Mickey  buy on itunes
Just Pretend  The Bens  buy on itunes
Happy Christmas (War Is Over)  John Lennon  buy on itunes
Every Night  Paul McCartney  buy on itunes
Wonderwall  Ryan Adams  buy on itunes
Sexual High  Go Home Productions  buy on itunes
Kiss At The End Of The Rainbow  Mitch And Mickey  buy on itunes
Man We Was Lonely  Paul McCartney  buy on itunes
Poop Goes In The Potty  [unknown]  buy on itunes
Crush [acoustic]  Dave Matthews Band  buy on itunes


It's been a long time since I created the first Dorokeith Soundtrack. We've been together for three years. Reading over my description, I got really mushy, so I'll just proceed directly to the songs. I brought back several songs from the first Dorokeith, albeit different versions. That's because it's just been so long since the first one that some of them merit another listen. Dorokeith 3 is already in the works, and I think I'm going to make it a tradition to put at least one christmas song on each installment.


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