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CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
Playlist | Alternative - Indie Rock

Don't Get Me Started

Artist Song Buy
The Orange Peels  The West Coast Rain  buy on itunes
The Brunettes  Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks  buy on itunes
The Boy Least Likely to  Fur Soft As Fur  buy on itunes
Piney Gir  Boston  buy on itunes
The Revelers  Smile Like a Prize  buy on itunes
The Wrens  Surprise, Honeycomb   buy on itunes
The Delgados  Big Business in Europe  buy on itunes
Fiver  Pretty Kitty  buy on itunes
Levy  Rivka  buy on itunes
Hefner  I Took Her Love for Granted  buy on itunes
The Fairline Parkway  This Kid  buy on itunes
Augie March  Addle Brains  buy on itunes
Dios  Fifty Cents  buy on itunes
The Owls  Even Now  buy on itunes
Aveo  Bridge to the Northern Lights  buy on itunes
Math and Physics Club  Sixteen and Pretty  buy on itunes
The Twin Atlas  The Golden Seas  buy on itunes
Brando  Lemon-Lime  buy on itunes
Luke Temple  Old New York  buy on itunes
The Hang Ups  What It's All About  buy on itunes
P:ano  Arguing  buy on itunes
Ghosty  Clouds Solve It (feat. Wayne Coyne)   buy on itunes
The Russian Futurists  A Telegraph from the Future  buy on itunes
The Radio Dept.  Your Father  buy on itunes


Made for Brini, who I know over on Full of many cute songs to try to please her, and compelling her to by about a dozen more CDs I bet.


Date: 9/3/2006
A lotta' good stuff here PCT! (You've been absent...)
French Connection
Date: 9/3/2006
Echoing Valis, full o' good stuff;
Mike Eternity
Date: 9/4/2006
Indie pop at its finest
Date: 9/26/2006
I reallly like most of this

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