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The songs, they seemed so different when they were first sung

Artist Song Buy
Kaki King  Kewpie Station  buy on itunes
Beltline  Welcome, Nostalgia  buy on itunes
The Wrens  Rest Your Head  buy on itunes
John Vanderslice  Me and My 424  buy on itunes
Beulah  What Will You Do When Your Suntan Fades?  buy on itunes
Spoon  I Summon You  buy on itunes
James Kochalka Superstar  I Orbit You  buy on itunes
Mayapple Weather  The World Called Today, They Sounded Pissed  buy on itunes
Small Town Boredom  Our Valentine's Day Rebellion  buy on itunes
Adam Selzer  A Four Year Glance  buy on itunes
J. Tillman  Seven States Across  buy on itunes
The Hotel Alexis  OK  buy on itunes
The Mountain Goats  Maybe Sprout Wings  buy on itunes
Christine Fellows  Vertebrae  buy on itunes
Sodastream  Twin Lakes  buy on itunes
Sarah Dougher  Bella Abzug  buy on itunes
Norfolk & Western  Border Oklahoma (A Gilded Age version)  buy on itunes
Thee, Stranded Horse  So Goes the Pulse  buy on itunes
Elephant Micah  Hawaii & the Derby Day  buy on itunes
Songs: Ohia  Ring the Bell  buy on itunes
Jesu  Star  buy on itunes
Machinefabriek  Somerset  buy on itunes
The Kingsbury Manx  Down With Circumstance  buy on itunes


Title taken from the Norfolk & Western song included in the mix. A girl I work with asked to be made a mix and this is what I came up with. I'm probably biased, but I really do believe that this sounds more even than it probably looks on paper - the transition between Songs: Ohia and Jesu in particular sounds better than I ever expected it to.


Date: 10/5/2006
Not familiar with a lot of this, but 3-6 looks great. And if 20-21 is the coupling that gets your emphasis, it must be fantastic in comparison. Nice job.
Date: 10/6/2006
I should maybe clarify that I don't know if that particular coupling works better than the rest, I am just impressed with it because it isn't [i]supposed[/i] to work (the two songs coming from very different styles), yet it does. But thanks for the nice comment!

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