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Trippy Autumn Afternoon-Fall '06

Artist Song Buy
The High Dials  The Holy Ground  buy on itunes
Popium  The Miniature Mile  buy on itunes
The Zinedines  Garage Flying Saucers Stoning  buy on itunes
The Zinedines  I'm Not Me  buy on itunes
The Village Green  Rosa Glynn  buy on itunes
Outrageous Cherry  The Illuminated Council For World Destruction  buy on itunes
The Real Tuesday Weld  On Lavender Hill  buy on itunes
The Windmills  Drug Autumn  buy on itunes
Kasabian  Beneficial Herbs  buy on itunes
Pipas  Barbapapa  buy on itunes
The Wondermints  If I Were You  buy on itunes
The High Dials  Strandhill Sands  buy on itunes
Ester Drang  Valencia's Dying Dream  buy on itunes
West Indian Girl  What Are You Afraid Of  buy on itunes
!!!  Take Ecstasy With Me  buy on itunes
The Village Green  Om: The Meaning Of Life  buy on itunes
Swell  Sunshine, Everday  buy on itunes
Low  Half-Light  buy on itunes


This Mix is an attempt to capture the sound of a free beautiful fall day.......The subject matter of some these tunes may not excatly match but it's the sound that I am driving for. Was recently on vacation In St. Louis, amongst other places, and fell in love with Fall again, remembering those perfect afternoons tripping with friends. Thanx as usual to Valis for the groovy cover art.
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Date: 10/11/2006
Looks like a beautiful day to me (without the band It's A Beautiful Day, of course). Some lovely tunes inspired by your trip to St. Louis. Unfortunately my Padres didn't have as good a time during their recent visit :(
Date: 10/12/2006
Good go! A trip in the mind of the beholder...
Date: 11/20/2006
Another nice autumn foliage drive accompaniment.

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