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comfort and ease on evenings like these

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The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers  Concerning Lessons Learned from the Aliens  buy on itunes
Rudy TrouvT  Song about Losing  buy on itunes
Thee More Shallows  I Can't Get Next to You (Temptations cover)  buy on itunes
The Halifax Pier  Foreign Fields, Dead Leaves  buy on itunes
Small Town Boredom  Our Valentine's Day Rebellion  buy on itunes
Doveman  Castles (Daytrotter Session)  buy on itunes
Chad King  Tonight With Lines  buy on itunes
Adam Selzer  Privacy's Disguise  buy on itunes
Neil Halstead  Phantasmagoria in Two (Tim Buckley cover)  buy on itunes
Campo Bravo  The Former Ms. Oklahoma  buy on itunes
The Kingsbury Manx  Galloping Ghosts  buy on itunes
Castanets  Dancing with Someone (The Privilege of Everything) (Dwars Session)  buy on itunes
J. Tillman  A Hit Play  buy on itunes
Sleeping Weather  Carriage Return  buy on itunes
Elephant Micah  Naive Attraction  buy on itunes
Dolorean  Jenny Place Your Bets (live)  buy on itunes
The Montgolfier Brothers  Don't Get Upset If I...  buy on itunes
The Singleman Affair  Dragonflies to Find  buy on itunes
The Hotel Alexis  The Lake  buy on itunes
Cass McCombs  Meet Me Here at Dawn  buy on itunes
Chris Bathgate  Feather Jaw  buy on itunes
Wixel  A December Goodbye  buy on itunes


This is a mix I made for my friend Maria, who once again eliminated all doubts about the fact that she is the coolest person ever by sending me a bunch of chestnuts in the mail last week. (Yes, there is a story about why she would send chestnuts halfway across Europe, but for our purposes here we can just summarise it by saying that she is awesome.) After some careful consideration about how to best retaliate, I came up with the most obvious idea ever: to make her another mix CD. So this is the kind of mix that would (and, as a matter of fact, does) work well as a soundtrack to roasting and eating chestnuts on an autumn evening - that is, mostly very quiet and folky stuff. I do believe that I have reached my quota of Prayers and Tears songs to be included on mixes for this year already, but I'm just too fond of the way the first three songs go together to keep it off - if you catch me sneaking in any of their songs again though, please call me out on it. What you see below, by the way, is obviously not a cover artwork in the sense of something you print out and put into a jewel case, but rather a cardboard box I made out of a recycled conference map - printed cardboard, a Velcro fastener, brown wrapping paper and some glue (inside, the CD is tucked away in a plain paper sleeve). I give it about a week until it falls apart.
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Date: 10/18/2006
well, make that a "what you might see below at some point, if the site ever decides to work properly again", I guess.
Kingsbury Manx and Cass McCombs are excellent.

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