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A photo essay of a family in mourning

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Pernice Brothers  B.S. Johnson  buy on itunes
Nothing Painted Blue  Swivelchair  buy on itunes
Holy Sons  Stunned  buy on itunes
Little Wings  What Wonder  buy on itunes
Unbunny  Dental Hygienist  buy on itunes
Hirsches  Fill the House  buy on itunes
Elephant Micah  Old Globe/Gentle Rider  buy on itunes
Willard Grant Conspiracy  Flying Low  buy on itunes
Christine Fellows  Vertebrae  buy on itunes
Keith Fullerton Whitman  Stereo Music for Acoustic Guitar, Buchla Music Box 100, Hp Model 236 Oscillator, Electric Guitar, and Computer - Part One  buy on itunes
Norfolk & Western  The New Rise of Labor  buy on itunes
Dennis Crommett  The Contract Killer  buy on itunes
Martin Siewert/Martin Brandlmayer  Is This Love?  buy on itunes
Morton Feldman  Piano Piece 1964 (played by John Tilbury)  buy on itunes
Damien Jurado  What Were the Chances  buy on itunes
Dolorean  Jenny Place Your Bets (live)  buy on itunes
Chris Bathgate  Feather Jaw  buy on itunes
Chad Crouch  Go by Train  buy on itunes
J. Tillman  Seven States Across  buy on itunes


This is just my usual mix with which I keep track of my most excessively listened to tracks of the previous month (October edition), so apologies for the fact that there's some overlap with previous mixes. When I first started making these monthly mixes, I decided to choose the songs to be included regardless of how well they flow with the rest of it, which always makes for some interesting problems when deciding on the track order. Much to my joy, for the first time ever, the greatest difficulty this time was not what to do with the more experimental tracks, but rather with the most straightforward indie rock songs (Pernice Brothers & Nothing Painted Blue) - I originally had a different way of kicking this mix off in mind, but it fell through as these two songs would have completely ruined the flow anywhere else.

The Feldman piece is essentially a placeholder for the entire "All Piano" boxset - it's not nearly my favourite track on the set, but I failed to come up with a convincing way of fitting "For Bunita Marcus" in its full 77-minute glory on an 80-minute mix CD (nor was I heartless enough to cut it into pieces), so I just chose one of my favourites of the shorter pieces instead. The Willard Grant Conspiracy song is also a sort of placeholder - I didn't listen to the song that much, but I was completely blown away by the live version I got to see, so I thought it should be on there.
Title by Christine Fellows.


Date: 11/8/2006
Well now, I'm not going to name favourites here because I'll be here all night if I did. Really great stuff. Now if only we could get that Mr Whitman chap to tone down his ostentatious song titles...
French Connection
Date: 11/9/2006
Ostentatious dunno what you mean Barry? Another superb mix mon ami.

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