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I Will Take To The Grave Your Precious, Long Face

Artist Song Buy
The Decemberists  Of Angels & Angles  buy on itunes
Joanna Newsom  Sawdust & Diamonds  buy on itunes
Belle & Sebastian  Fox In The Snow  buy on itunes
Cat Power  I Don't Blame You  buy on itunes
Iron & Wine  Sunset Soon Forgotten  buy on itunes
Songs:Ohia  Didn't It Rain  buy on itunes
Will Oldham  A Minor Place  buy on itunes
Whiskeytown  Under Your Breath  buy on itunes
Sujfan Stevens  John Wayne Gacy, Jr.  buy on itunes
Rasputina  All Tomorrow's Parties  buy on itunes


sometimes I just need to make a short mix. title from the Joanna Newsom song...her new album has had a profound affect on me. yikes.


Date: 11/19/2006
Newsom is getting a lot of coverage round these parts. A great thing to see. Much like this mix. Short? Nay. Just right.
French Connection
Date: 11/20/2006
Saw3 & 4 together at a festival en France this Summer & therefore the two are forever nestled together for me now. This looks short & sweet to me.
Date: 11/20/2006
Short is good. Nice ending.
Leif Averageson
Date: 11/21/2006
And here I thought you couldn't imagine a track from the new Newsom being torn from the album and used side by side other songs in a mix! ; ) There's not a clunker in the bunch. Nice job.
Date: 11/26/2006
uhh...i'm back? and this is amazing. wow. i love the cat song and the sufjan. oh man and the songs...lovely.

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