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if you don't love me will you please pretend

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the mountain goats  woke up new  buy on itunes
pedro the lion  big trucks  buy on itunes
old 97s  lonely holiday  buy on itunes
clem snide  don't be afraid of your anger  buy on itunes
two gallants  steady rollin'  buy on itunes
cowboy junkies  blue moon  buy on itunes
trembling blue stars  sometimes i still feel the bruise  buy on itunes
the flying burrito brothers  sin city  buy on itunes
the cure  catch  buy on itunes
john prine and iris dement  in spite of ourselves  buy on itunes
crooked fingers  when u were mine  buy on itunes
elvis costello  i threw it all away  buy on itunes
the mendoza line  we're all in this alone  buy on itunes
the beatles  rocky raccoon  buy on itunes
gillian welch  barroom girls  buy on itunes
tom waits  hold on  buy on itunes
nick drake  from the morning  buy on itunes


i made this for a cute boy who likes country music. i picked some older, twangier stuff and i think he's going to love it. if he doesn't i am taking it back, dammit.


Date: 11/25/2006
Looks great! If he doesn't love it, I'll take it ;)
Date: 11/25/2006
this is the cutest; if he doesn't absolutely adore it then he's not worth your time.
anthony lombardi
Date: 11/25/2006
i echo ofthaltned, i'd take it too -- this is pretty brilliantly done, especially given the targeted audience. the 14-17 closing run is really killer, & i just love the cowboy junkies, cure & elvis costello tracks. superb.
Date: 11/26/2006
wow. i think i'd fall in love right away. no thinking about it.
Rob Conroy
Date: 11/26/2006
I'm with ash.

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