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Another Season Passes By You ...

Artist Song Buy
Puffy Amiyumi  Tokyo I'm On My Way   buy on itunes
The Wonders  That Thing You Do  buy on itunes
Rod Stewart  Young Turks  buy on itunes
Suzi Quatro and Chris Norman  Stumblin' In  buy on itunes
Big Country  In a Big Country  buy on itunes
echobelly  Close ... But  buy on itunes
The Co-depe-ndents  far away eyes  buy on itunes
Kelly Hogan and the Pine Valley Cosmonauts  Mystery  buy on itunes
josh ritter  golden age of radio  buy on itunes
Neko Case & Her Boyfrie-nds  Misfire  buy on itunes
Motion City Soundtrack  the future freaks me out  buy on itunes
Kim Stockwood  She's Not in Love  buy on itunes
KT Tunstall  Suddenly I See  buy on itunes
The Libertines  Can't Stand Me Now  buy on itunes
Pet Shop Boys  Too many people  buy on itunes
Alice Deejay  Better off Alone  buy on itunes
Lowest of the Low  Giuletta the Just  buy on itunes
Franz Ferdinand  walk away  buy on itunes
national dust  crawling back  buy on itunes
The Kil-lers  Change Your Mind  buy on itunes
Communique  Rattling Bones  buy on itunes
Choe Seung-yeon, I Ji-su, and Sim Hyeong-jun  the last waltz  buy on itunes


2006/11/24 - - iqaluit, NUNAVUT, CANADA

this mix was mostly an attempt to compile a few of the songs that had sunk into my head over the past summer. themes that en-ded up on the final cut include contemplations on fire and light, seeking your place in the world, and love won and lost. bits of clever / ironic track title adjacency was mostly by design, but as usual, some of the lyrical progressions between subsequent tracks still came as a surprise to my conscious self. oh, and i guess i was in a mood for warbling harmonies this summer ...

thanks to popmatters and youtube for the very fun puffy amiyumi burst that kicks off the mix in fine J-pop style. their beatles-inspired tune-smithery is followed by a similar sweet from the tom hanks flick 'that thing you do'. the next two tracks are fondly recalled from the jukebox that we used to maintain in our family restaurant, and were ripped for this mix from my collection of vinyl '45's.

the big country anthem is of the same vintage, but both of my cd versions sounded really muddy, a sadly common problem for early cd's transferred from vinyl. i did a bit of audio processing to get the track closer to the bombastic punch that i recall shouting along with in my younger days. i also cribbed a few of the lyrics for the title of this mix.

the echobelly pick was mostly sel-ected so its title could run into the title of the following track, but also to give the mix a chance to shift into a countryfied gear. the co-depe-ndents from calgary perform a live cover version of a sly rolling stones track (brit-pop leading into brit-rock ?), followed by kelly hogan's masterful version of a tune penned by jon langford. josh ritter turns the radio dial to a rollicking road-ready song and neko case hits the bullseye with her fiery cresce-ndo of innue-ndo.

popmatters gets a 2d nod for introducing me to motion city soundtrack. the kim stockwood track is a cover of a jill sobule song and is taken from the newfoundland singer's debut album 'bonavista'. my copy of that cd doesn't include her hit 'jerk' since i had picked it up on one of my trips north from the states and had travelled back south of the border before it got re-issued.

the KT track which jumpstarted the movie 'the devil wears prada', but wasn't included on the official soundtrack (tho found on her debut album, it's crippled by evil DRM), was sent to me by lastyearsgirl as part of a mix trade. antiparticle sent me the libertines in a different mix trade, and a third of that cd's playlist featured the magnetic fields, whose track 'papa was a rodeo', was covered by kelly hogan on the same cd as 'mystery' (i.e. 'beneath the country underdog').

the deejay / PSB track duo kept trading places in the playlist order until i finally swapped other songs around them and this final incarnation prevailed. the reunited lowest of the low of toronto showcase some typically yearning lyrics from lead singer ron hawkins. "you're saddled with that Cadillac heart, it's so beautiful, but is it so smart, in this city of sharks ?" the franz ferdinand se-lection is my favourite track off of their 2d album and ties in neatly with the song that follows by edmonton's national dust.

yes, i know that the kil-lers have been hyped so much that they're old hat by now, but i came to them late, so i hope the mix hipsters will forgive me for including them now. (i *do* live in the arctic). 'change' is my fave track from 'hot fuss'. continuing the apologetic line is a plea from communique and closing off the mix is 'the last waltz', featured in the brilliant soundtrack to the korean revenge flick 'oldboy'. when i received that cd from amazon, i was dismayed to discover that i had paid $50 for a disc labelled 'copy-controlled', but was relieved to find that i was still able to rip a copy.<B
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Date: 11/29/2006
Nice mix of stuff, senator. I'm sure the gang will forgive you the Killers since you have it balanced with underexposed Canadian indie selections. (-:
Date: 12/4/2006
Cool mix & love the opener!

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