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Thinke Linke.

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Duane Eddy  Rumble  buy on itunes
Link Wray  Frenchy  buy on itunes
The Cowslingers  Slinky  buy on itunes
Link Wray  Pancho Villa  buy on itunes
Pistepirkko  Zipcode  buy on itunes
Link Wray  Fatback  buy on itunes
Guitar Wolf  Link Wray man  buy on itunes
Link Wray  Dance contest  buy on itunes
The Hi-Risers  Think Link  buy on itunes
Link Wray  Beans and fatback  buy on itunes
Jason Ringenberg  Link Wray  buy on itunes
Link Wray  Patricia  buy on itunes
The MonoMen  Rawhide  buy on itunes
Link Wray  La de da  buy on itunes
Bob Dylan  Rumble  buy on itunes
Link Wray  School girl  buy on itunes
Southern Culture on the Skids  The Swag  buy on itunes
Link Wray  Precious Jewel  buy on itunes
Eddie Angel  The black widow  buy on itunes
Side B
Jack Nitzsche  Rumble  buy on itunes
Link Wray  I'll be so good to you  buy on itunes
Los Straitjackets  Jack the Ripper  buy on itunes
Link Wray  Oddball  buy on itunes
Eddie Angel  Rumble mambo  buy on itunes
Link Wray and Joey Welz  Peace is the freedom  buy on itunes
The Bowling Allies  The Swag  buy on itunes
Link Wray  The wild one  buy on itunes
50 Foot Combo  Jack the ripper (live)  buy on itunes
Link Wray  Rebel rouser  buy on itunes
The Volcanos  The sweeper  buy on itunes
Link Wray and Joey Welz  Rumble 69  buy on itunes
The Who  The Ox  buy on itunes
Link Wray  My Alberta  buy on itunes
Los Straitjackets  I'm branded  buy on itunes
Link Wray  Love me tender  buy on itunes
The Phantom 5  The Outlaw  buy on itunes
Link Wray  Tattoo  buy on itunes
Los Straitjackets  Rawhide  buy on itunes


Some time ago I had an entry in my "Guitarsnob Guidebook" series - an entry devoted to Link Wray, the inventor of RAWK GUITAR. This is the inevitible sequel, in two discs, with enough strong tracks for another couple o' extra volumes. Here we feature tunes from his classic period, his country lp's in the early 70s (yes, I said country), the Link Wray wanna-be's, and so much more. I may have more Link Wray discs in my collection than anyone this side of the Kinks. People have covered him and paid loving tribute to him - but no one, NO ONE sounds like Link Wray. Dig.
The Bowling Allies was a short-lived outfit with me on gee-tar. And yes, we allies only played bowling alleys. (Wait 'til you hear my next band, the Laundromatics!)
And friends, this goes out to Wanda - she had just started to sing (amazingly) with my current band, Teen Riot. She could sing, she could rock, ... she had it all. She was killed by a drunk driver about 3 weeks ago. It's been devastating. To say that she is missed just sounds so trite. But is it ever true....


Rob Conroy
Date: 11/30/2006
R.I.P. Wanda. And hats off to Mr. Wray, although you know that he's way more your type of thing than mine.
Date: 12/1/2006
Nice pair Sean!
I expected to see Link Protrudi & the Jaymen but happy to see Duane Eddy (!) and Ra-cha-cha's own Hi-Risers---with the Squire on drums I believe, here! (Sad to read about your friend.Very.)
Date: 12/1/2006
yes, sad about your friend on the bac of what looks like such a great mix sean. i shall keep my eyes peeled for 'teen riot'!
Date: 12/1/2006
Does your band ever play in and around Pittsburgh? If you do let me know and I'll try to show up.
Media Vixen: Radio Sally
Date: 12/1/2006
Oh man, Sean, that is just terribly sad. Head shaking at the way the world works. But the Link Wray mix is, as usual, superb.
Lancelot Link IV1
Date: 12/1/2006
Great mix. A lovely memorial to your friend Wanda.
French Connection
Date: 12/2/2006
So sorry to hear about Wanda, heart felt commiserations go out to you Sean but what a damn fine tribute mix.
Date: 12/2/2006
yes, sorry to hear about your friend, Sean. very very very nice mix.
Mark Petruccelli
Date: 12/2/2006
Not real well versed on LW but if the "imitators" are any indication, I should correct that. Condolences on a lost friend and bandmate. Been there too often.
joey de vivre
Date: 12/3/2006
Damn those drunk drivers! I mean, I like to drink, but NOT enough to risk killing someone . But I guess I'd assume the driver is now feeling an unbearable remorse, & have to feel sorry for him too . ..

Meanwhile, a great great killer-diller thriller-instiller mix! -- & for once the download-addicts can't ask "where's the link"?

Date: 12/3/2006
just discovered Link Wray a few weeks ago when I picked up a used copy of his LP w/ La De Da and Juke Box Mama included. very cool stuff, must hear more. so sorry to hear about Wanda. she sounds like an amazing gal.
Date: 12/4/2006
Supercool tribute to one of my fave artists. Sorry about your friend.
Date: 12/4/2006
Great Link Mix. So very sorry about your friend
Date: 12/4/2006
Sigh. Wow. Sigh.
Date: 12/5/2006
Excellent mix, and I'm so sorry about your friend. Lovely sentiments behind both the tribute and the dedication.
Date: 12/14/2006
This is, as always, stellar, Sean. Condolences on the loss of Wanda. Women named Wanda always rock in a big way.

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