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faust by svankmajer

Artist Song Buy
boards of canada  carcan, devil  buy on itunes
bruce haack  requiem  buy on itunes
venetian snares  fire is the devil  buy on itunes
throbbing gristle  satan  buy on itunes
Mogwai  Mogwai Fear Satan  buy on itunes
Mice Parade  this devil's workday  buy on itunes
orbital  satan  buy on itunes
Shonen Knife  Devil House  buy on itunes
The Grateful Dead  Friend Of The Devil  buy on itunes
bit_meddler  genie in a bottle  buy on itunes
[0000] Vs. Muslimgauze  three  buy on itunes
clap your hands say yeah  clap your hands!  buy on itunes
venetian snares  felbomlasztott ment÷kocsi  buy on itunes
Don Carlos  satan control them  buy on itunes
re  home security  buy on itunes
jesu  dead eyes  buy on itunes
devnull  unfinished jgrindcore medley  buy on itunes
holy fuck  k.rhythm_pt.2  buy on itunes
wolfmother  apple tree  buy on itunes
otomo yoshihide & jon rose  japanese speedcore shoppers  buy on itunes
kid606 & dalek  satan's hard drive  buy on itunes
Van Halen  Running With The Devil  buy on itunes
Infected Mushroom  Devil (Final Remix)  buy on itunes
irish drinking songs  The Devil Went Down to Doolin  buy on itunes
Beck  Satan Gave Me a Taco  buy on itunes
Nirvana  Lake Of Fire  buy on itunes
astrobotnia  everyone  buy on itunes
alec empire vs. merzbow  606 - the number of the beast  buy on itunes
Hell Interface  soylent night  buy on itunes
Dead Can Dance  Mephisto  buy on itunes


Gnarls Barkley - Crazy ||
alarm will sound - meltphace 6 ||
ceephax acid crew - acid faust ||
Gorillaz - Faust ||
shitmat - this goat skull is no good for thirsty psy-trance workers ||
hallucinogen - gamma goblins (part 1) ||
White Zombie - Devil Man (Sweet Remix) ||
godspeed you! black emperor - Monheim ||
pearl jam - satan's bed ||
ween - mushroom festival in hell ||
hellhammer - power of satan ||
lee scratch perry - chase the devil max romeo ||
phish - big black furry creatures from mars ||
phish - sanity [live] ||
gg allin - die when you die ||
Beach Boys - Wouldn't It Be Slice (dVh_mix) ||
david allen coe - the devil went down to jamaica
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