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MP3 Playlist | Theme - Narrative
MP3 Playlist | Theme - Narrative
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MP3 Playlist | Theme - Sleep

Good Morning!

Artist Song Buy
Al Jarreau  Mornin'  buy on itunes
Toto  Georgy Porgy  buy on itunes
Lisa  Move On  buy on itunes
Ledisi  Take Time  buy on itunes
Jamiroquai  Emergency On Planet Earth  buy on itunes
Amel Larrieux  Shine  buy on itunes
Ai Otsuka  Strawberry Jam  buy on itunes
Maroon 5  Sunday Morning  buy on itunes
Yasunori Mitsuda  The Brink Of Time  buy on itunes
Scissor Sisters  The Other Side  buy on itunes
Calories  You Know I Do  buy on itunes
The B-52's  Follow Your Bliss!  buy on itunes
Moxy Fruvous  Hate Letter  buy on itunes
The Price Is Right  Theme  buy on itunes
Mary J. Blige  All That I Can Say  buy on itunes
Barbara Acklin  Am I The Same Girl  buy on itunes
Commodores  Girl, I Think The World About You  buy on itunes
Stevie Wonder  Golden Lady  buy on itunes
Thicke  Brand New Jones  buy on itunes


This is a mix of songs that sound like morning to me. Only a few of them are actually about morning. The Price is Right theme is there because, hey, it comes on in the morning, and it reminds me of mornings I'd spend with my Grandma. We'd watch TPIR while cleaning the house before her stories came on. Apparently morning sounds a lot like Smooth R&B to me.
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Date: 12/17/2006
Now see what you've done. Your cosy Grandma mornings have lifted my spirits. I'l have to bloody well cheer up now -- and here it is 4am and my bed is whispering to me. So I'll give in to its pleading and have warm dreams. Furthermore, I shall visit my Mum tomorrow. And it's all your fault. Lovely inspiration for a groovy looking mix. Damn your eyes! Good morning indeed. Come back sunshine, fast as you can...

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