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CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
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Your Friends and Their Dead Ends

Artist Song Buy
Aidan Smith  Writers Block   buy on itunes
The Donkeys  Come on Virginia   buy on itunes
Sparrow  Mountain on Mountain   buy on itunes
Bedroom Walls  In Anticipation of Your Suicide   buy on itunes
The Isles  Fuck   buy on itunes
New Buffalo  I've Got You and You've Got Me  buy on itunes
Salako  Look Right  buy on itunes
Madman Moon  The Pattern   buy on itunes
Duplomacy  The Stroll  buy on itunes
Verona Downs  The Anti-Death Dance Song  buy on itunes
Apollo Sunshine  Flip!  buy on itunes
Super XX Man  Take All You Got  buy on itunes
Logh  The Smoke Will Lead You Home   buy on itunes
Doug Campbell  Do You?   buy on itunes
Ghosty  I Know What's Best   buy on itunes
My Latest Novel  The Hope Edition   buy on itunes
Majestic  Sunday Driver  buy on itunes
Goldspot  The Guard  buy on itunes
Snowden  China Light   buy on itunes
The A-Sides  Sorry Cloud  buy on itunes
Doug Martsch  Antonio Carlos Jobim (live Heatmiser cover)   buy on itunes


Made for my fellow indie-rock obsessor Boone, who's the lucky bastard out in L.A. who gets to shop at Amoeba Music and see great shows all the time. I went way obscure since he already owns most of the CDs that I do... that's why so many of these are MP3s from the web (although the Aidan Smith MP3 here is only a clip of the song). The last song is a hidden track. It's from a Built to Spill set at All Tomorrow's Parties not long after Elliott Smith's passing.


Date: 1/23/2007
Out-obscuring a friend. Know the strategy well. Hope it worked and Boone was amused!
Date: 1/23/2007
I am very appreciative of a lot of those links. Thanks.

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