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Chix Mix 2

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Ladytron  Paco!  buy on itunes
Viva Voce  Alive With Pleasure  buy on itunes
Deerhoof  Milk Man  buy on itunes
Yeah Yeah Yeahs  Machine  buy on itunes
Pretty Girls Make Graves  Liquid Courage  buy on itunes
Element 101  Some Chances Are Worth Taking  buy on itunes
Bon Voyage  Honeymoon  buy on itunes
Rilo Kiley  Science vs. Romance  buy on itunes
The Sundays  I Can't Wait  buy on itunes
Azure Ray  If You Fall  buy on itunes
Royal  M Rke Natt  buy on itunes
Hush Hush  Perfect to Imperfect  buy on itunes
Chemical Brothers  Asleep From Today (w. Hope Sandoval)  buy on itunes
Blonde Redhead  Misery is a Butterfly  buy on itunes
Bjork  Human Behaviour  buy on itunes
Denali  The Instinct  buy on itunes
Kathleen Edwards  Big Star  buy on itunes
Aimee Mann  High on Sunday 51  buy on itunes
Rosie Thomas  I Play Music  buy on itunes
The Delgados  Sink or Swim  buy on itunes
Tegan and Sara  Living Room  buy on itunes


Shoot, this is my FOURTH (nay, FIFTH) mix submission within a 24-hour period. What's going to happen?!?


Pop Kulcher
Date: 2/7/2007
Actually, it's your FIFTH, which makes you both (a) not very bright, and (b) kind of an asshole. If you're a bit more considerate, who knows, someone might even bother looking at your mixes and saying nice things.
Date: 2/8/2007
cripes alive, PK, let's keep the snobbery to respectable minimum lest we be dukin' out ARTOFTHEMIXWARSFROMOUTERSPACE.
Date: 2/8/2007
Hi mimicry. Pop Kulcher was kinda mean, but he's not being a snob. it's rude to post more than three mixes in a day, because it knocks other peoples' mixes off the "recently posted" list too early. sometimes new mixers accidentally post more than three since they're not aware of the 'rule,' but it seems you did it on purpose. not cool. your mixes actually look real good, but if you post more than 3 at a time, most people will ignore them, which would be a shame.
Pop Kulcher
Date: 2/8/2007
Ok, I was heavyhanded. Sorry 'bout that. I agree with both of tZ's points -- I think your mixes are pretty cool. I was more responding to your comment. When I first came across AOTM several years ago, I spent two days uploading a dozen mixes I had sitting around my office, until it was pointed out to me that the "recent submissions" page is finite and thus each mix forces something off the list. (Back then, there was no warning on the submission screen about limiting it to 3.) So I didn't do it again. Kinda sucks to work hard on a mix and share it with the community, only to have it disappear from the new additions list in a day because someone floods the system.
Every new AOTM member gets all excited and posts a ton of mixes his or her first day until they realize how the system works; happens all the time. I'd just never seen anyone deliberately mocking it before.
Date: 2/8/2007
i was in the middle of making this mix when i became aware of the rule. instead of scrapping it i went ahead and finished the tracklist, then left a silly little comment. i then decided to wait until i was off the recent list before posting some more. the flooding was unintentional.
i've been on this site for awhile, and back in the day there were no limits. kinda took me by surprise that there was one now.
in short, MY BAD.

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