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I Dream in Sound

Artist Song Buy
Mira Calix  Protean   buy on itunes
Electric Presidents  Grand Machine No. 14   buy on itunes
Beach House  Saltwater   buy on itunes
Panda Bear  Comfy in Nautica   buy on itunes
Russian Futurists  It's Actually Going to Happen   buy on itunes
Benoit Pioulard  Together & Down   buy on itunes
Explosions in The Sky  Welcome, Ghosts   buy on itunes
Papercuts  Dear Employee   buy on itunes
M. Ward  Chinese Translation   buy on itunes
Tobias Froberg  Grace   buy on itunes
Mystic Chords of Memory & Nobody  Floating   buy on itunes
RJD2  Rules for Normal Living   buy on itunes
Christopher Willits  Yellow Spring   buy on itunes
The Books  It's Musiiiiiiic!   buy on itunes
Mogwai vs Kid Loco vs The Beatles  A Day in Tracy's Life   buy on itunes
Lights.On  Summertime   buy on itunes
Joanna Newsom  What If We Do (Nobody Remix)   buy on itunes
Boards of Canada  Chromakey Dreamcoat   buy on itunes
Grizzly Bear  Knife   buy on itunes
M83  Slight Night Shiver   buy on itunes


As I lay down each and finally let my caffeinated lids cover my dry bloodshot eyes these are the sounds that blanket my dreams.
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Date: 3/18/2007
have lately been enjoying M. Ward, Grizzly Bear, Joanna Newsom, Nobody & Mystic Chords of Memory... and I just bought Benoit Piolard's CD about two hours ago because I liked the cover. it's gorgeous! especially "Together and Down." (your mix turned up in an AotM Piolard search.) I'll have to check out some of these other groups, as I'm gettin' the feeling that you may have superb musical taste!

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