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background music for the NASA channel

Artist Song Buy
St. Germain  Sure Thing  buy on itunes
Jaffa  Be Nude, Baby  buy on itunes
Bill Laswell / DJ Krush  Shin-Ki-Row  buy on itunes
Moby  Porcelain  buy on itunes
Delerium  Terra Firma  buy on itunes
Exodus Quartet  Oye Rene  buy on itunes
Suba  A Noite Sem Fim (The Endless Night)  buy on itunes
Santos  Camels  buy on itunes
Trance Mission  Monkfish  buy on itunes
MC Solaar  Nouveau Western  buy on itunes
Agent Orange  The Tides  buy on itunes
Bluntz  Aphrohead  buy on itunes
DJ Shadow  What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 3)  buy on itunes


The NASA cable TV channel offers essentially nothing to listen to while it displays its otherworldly pictures, so this was designed to fit the eerie dream-state images on the screen ...
image for mix


Date: 4/15/2001
i've always wished the nasa channel played something during it's little periods of pictures. i always imagined the pixies, sun ra, kool keith, grandaddy, boards of canada, stereolab, charles dodge, and air playing. a brilliant idea for a mix. and ya gotta love any mix that includes dj. shadow.
shannen l.
Date: 4/15/2001
kurt swinghammer's album "vostok 6" would be fabulous background noise, although this certainly falls a close second.
g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 4/16/2001
cooool mix. nice job.
Date: 6/10/2001
woah. there's a nasa cable chanel? damn, i don't get any of the good stuff. :) nice mix
Date: 8/13/2001
Thanks for the art, g.a.b. labs!
g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 2/3/2002
@ last..."versatile & beat conscious--easily a repeatable favorite. great for laid back (and @ times, funked up) atmospheres. 5 STARS !!"
Date: 11/10/2002
10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2.....ignition....blast off!

Set the controls for the dark side of the moon.....sit back, relax, and enjoy the sound-stylings of our interstellar dj: Astro-Nautticat! Beautifully rendered atmospherics. A wave of pulsating beats for whatever you're doing on a Friday instant favorite here at Psilocybe 7 labs. I recommend! It's "out of this world!"
g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 3/29/2004
a long time ago, in my Favorites listing, I gave this mix 5 I can make that assertion even more valid!
Date: 6/29/2004
This mix still gets airplay here...!

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