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Live! (RJ_2007 #5)

Artist Song Buy
intro's Rock & Roll Time!  buy on itunes
THE CLASH  # London's Burning (30/04/1978 - Victoria Park, London)  buy on itunes
PRIMAL SCREAM  * Shoot Speed / Kill Light (2002 - The Zep, Tokyo)  buy on itunes
JEFF BUCKLEY  * So Real (? - from Mystery White Boy bonus disc)  buy on itunes
SPIRITUALIZED  ** No God Only Religion (10/10/1997 - Royal Albert Hall, London)  buy on itunes
THE TWILIGHT SINGERS  * Live With Me (2006 - Pukkelpop, Belgium)  buy on itunes
PIXIES  ** Where Is My Mind (06/05/04 - Brixton Academy, London)  buy on itunes
JANE'S ADDICTION  * Ocean Size (1991 - Templar, Milan, Italy)  buy on itunes
RYAN ADAMS  ** La Cienega Just Smiled (09/04/2002 - Brixton Academy, London)  buy on itunes
ELLIOTT SMITH  ** Bottle Up And Explode (27/08/2000 - Reading Festival, UK)  buy on itunes
SHAWN SMITH  # Let It All Begin (30/09/99 - The Point, Conshohocken, PA)  buy on itunes
TOM McRAE  * Street Light (2001 - Union Chapel, London)  buy on itunes
DOVES  ** The Cedar Room (25/08/2000 - Reading Festival, UK)  buy on itunes
OASIS  ** Champagne Supernova (10/08/1996 - Knebworth, UK)  buy on itunes
THE CHARLATANS  ** Sproston Green (14/12/2001 - Manchester Arena, UK)  buy on itunes


I got a mix off someone via IMP that was tunes she'd seen live. This is my one_step_further mix; live tunes that i have or would loved to have seen!

Handy code is # - darn, never seen, * - seen but not that particular performance, ** - was actually there!

S'a bit white boy indie rocking heavy this mix but hey ya mixes what ya is sometimes!!!!


Rob Conroy
Date: 3/4/2007
White boy indie rock or not, there's a lot of great stuff here. And you've been to some legendary shows, my friend...

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