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Your Mom Does It Better

Artist Song Buy
The Exploding Hearts  I'm a Pretender  buy on itunes
The Bear Quartet  Beneath the Trenches  buy on itunes
Lilys  Who Is Moving  buy on itunes
The Oranges Band  My Street  buy on itunes
The A-Sides  Sidewalk Chalk   buy on itunes
The Capitol Years  Mounds of Money  buy on itunes
The Natural History  Hours from My Life  buy on itunes
The Long Winters  Teaspoon  buy on itunes
Pete and the Pirates  Step Back  buy on itunes
Mazarin  Deed to Drugs  buy on itunes
The Joggers  Apache Figurines  buy on itunes
The Revelers  Hey Hey Hey  buy on itunes
Jim O'Rourke  All Downhill from Here  buy on itunes
Hip Whips  Lovers List  buy on itunes
The Wrens  Per Second Second  buy on itunes
The Changes  Such a Scene  buy on itunes
Shimmer Kids UnderPop Association  Mythology   buy on itunes
Bingo Trappers  God's Biographer   buy on itunes
Catfish Haven  Another Late Night  buy on itunes
Apollo Sunshine  Lord  buy on itunes
Ghosty  High on Life  buy on itunes
Snowden  Victim Card  buy on itunes


Over on the Elliott Smith message board,, a mix CD exchange was organized. The guy I was picked to make a mix for is a crotchety older British guy who I know little about except that he hates Jeff Buckley and Muse. So I focused on making a mix of music about which he could hopefully find little to criticize, mostly passing up on the more twee elements of my collection. I sent it off a couple weeks ago and haven't heard anything from him. Just another on the long list of recent mix CD recipients who had nothing to say about the mixes they received. And out of the mix trade, the CD I received contained the likes of Yes and Jethro Tull. Sometimes you just can't win.PS. That MP3 of the A-Sides song should turn about a hundred people here on AOTM into fans of the band. And if you aren't crazy about either that or the Bingo Trappers song, then you're just plain crazy.


Date: 3/15/2007
i'm a big fan of the natural history and the exploding hearts. i'll download those two tracks you pointed out...
Pop Kulcher
Date: 3/16/2007
Well, screw him. I'd definitely be into this, based on the few tracks I recognize and the samples you provide. Sure, it's not "Thick as a Brick," but, hey, what is?

(Ok, I should probably point out that I have a weak spot for Yes every now and then... but not something I'd throw into a mix exchange.)
Date: 3/16/2007
I guess I'm not just plain crazy, since I really enjoyed the tracks by the A-Sides and the Bingo Trappers that you were kind enough to provide mp3 links too. The latter sounds like a lost Pavement single, and the former has some great harmonies and drum beats. Rest of the mix looks good. You can only hope that the recipient was involved in an ugly lorry accident before he had a chance to leave glowing feedback.
DJ Karen Adams
Date: 3/20/2007
Thanks for the downloads. My mom does it better? She didn't earn MILF-of-the-Month for naught!

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