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Five For Steph

Artist Song Buy
Britney Spears  I'm A Slave 4 U  buy on itunes
Kanye West  Heard 'em say (feat. adam levine of maroon 5)  buy on itunes
The Amazing Joel Hockey Movement  Late Night Shopping  buy on itunes
tally hall  smile like you mean it  buy on itunes
Ben Folds Five  Alice Childress  buy on itunes
Kevin Devine  Longer I Lay Here (PTL cover)  buy on itunes
Bright Eyes  if the brakeman turns my way  buy on itunes
Cold War Kids  Hospital Beds  buy on itunes
Boston  More than a feeling  buy on itunes
Ben Lee  away with the pixies  buy on itunes
Denison witmer  little flowers  buy on itunes
Jimmy Eat World  Kill  buy on itunes
Coldplay  fix you  buy on itunes
Laura Veirs  Saltbreakers  buy on itunes
rosie thomas  Much Farther To Go  buy on itunes


I met this girl last year. This is the 5th mix I have sent her, she lives a long way away, which kind of sucks.
There isnt much to this one, just a nice collection of nice songs. Somethings I know she likes, and some things I know I like (Laura Veirs). I really dig that Rosie Thomas and feel as though its a nice reflection on winter and love and niceness, seeing as it all started it out with Slave 4 U.
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Date: 5/4/2007
A bit odd, starting with Britney (not because she's crap or anything, but because it didn't fit with the others.) But I really like the other ones. and I do get a winter feel from this. Awesome cover too!

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