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A strangely strange mix

Artist Song Buy
Junior Senior  Rhythm Bandits  buy on itunes
The Go! Team  huddle formation  buy on itunes
camera obscura  lloyd, i'm ready to be heartbroke  buy on itunes
architecture in helsinki  souvenirs  buy on itunes
MxPx  My Mom Still Cleans My Room  buy on itunes
The Shins  Fighting In A Sack  buy on itunes
Danielson  did i step on your trumpet  buy on itunes
kenny loggins  highway to the danger zone  buy on itunes
Hilary Duff  So Yesterday  buy on itunes
The Hives  Two Timing Touch and Broken Bones  buy on itunes
Mates Of State  Punchlines  buy on itunes
Junior Senior  We r the handclaps  buy on itunes
Sisqo  The Thong Song  buy on itunes
Christina  What a Girl Wants  buy on itunes
yellowcard  only one  buy on itunes


Another mix for a long-distant friend. I had 5 minutes to make this, and I was in a strange frame of mind. Hence the complete nonsensical nature of this mix.
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Little Spencer Boys
Date: 5/9/2007
don't know most, but the cover is way cool. 5 minutes 'eh - you are the flash!

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