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Jackin' for beef ! ! !

Artist Song Buy
Spirit  Taurus   buy on itunes
The Yardbirds  Knowing that I'm losing you   buy on itunes
Balla Et Ses Balladins  Paulette   buy on itunes
Omar pene and Super Diamono  ?goodstuff?   buy on itunes
Junior Murvin  Give me your love   buy on itunes
Noel Ellis  Memories   buy on itunes
Dave Barker  Your love is a game   buy on itunes
Jaibi  You got me   buy on itunes
Eddie Kendricks  I'm on the sideline   buy on itunes
Marvelle Hampton  I know how it feels   buy on itunes
Eddie Kendricks  My people... hold on   buy on itunes
The Optimistics  Let's love   buy on itunes
Sweet & Innocent  Express your love   buy on itunes
Eddie Kendricks  If you let me love   buy on itunes
The Optimistics  You put something new in my life   buy on itunes
The Lost Generation  This is the lost generation   buy on itunes
Gloria Taylor  World thats not real   buy on itunes
Eddie Kendricks  Some day we'll have a better world   buy on itunes


Alcohol involved... a.k.a. Strut Scheist! Directly stole these empeethreezzz from many a hard a workin ' DJ with greater crates than I, to bring this COMPLETELY RIPPED OFF mix to fulfill my need to learn more about sending and uploading and the "ART of the Mix"
image for mix


Date: 6/1/2007
excellent first posting, welcome. especially liked the Yardbirds, Balla Et Ses Balladins and Gloria Taylor tracks. thanks for the links. as for "Jackin' For Beef," what could you mean. you've filled my mind with images.

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