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Caribbean Fiesta!

Side A
Artist Song Buy
The Beach Boys  Kokomo  buy on itunes
13th Floor Elevators  Monkey Island  buy on itunes
Amazulu  Montego Bay  buy on itunes
Inner Circle  Sweat  buy on itunes
Madonna  Into the Groove  buy on itunes
Bad Ronald  1st Time  buy on itunes
Len  Steal My Sunshine  buy on itunes
ATC  Around the World  buy on itunes
The Avalanches  Ray of Zdarlight (live)  buy on itunes
Aqua  Cuba Libre  buy on itunes
The Beach Boys  The Locomotion  buy on itunes
Baha Men  The Best Years of Our Lives  buy on itunes
El DeBarge  Rhythm of the Night  buy on itunes
Rhythm Syndicate  I Wanna Make Love to You  buy on itunes
Buster Poindexter  Hot Hot Hot  buy on itunes
Beenie Man  Jump and Wine  buy on itunes
Janet Jackson  Escapade  buy on itunes
Roxette  The Centre of the Heart  buy on itunes
Ace fo Base  Travel to Romantis  buy on itunes
The Real McCoy  Ooh Boy I Love You So  buy on itunes
Berlin  No More Words  buy on itunes
Big Mountain  Baby I Love Your Way  buy on itunes
Side B
Blondie  Island of Lost Souls  buy on itunes
The Delays  Wanderlust  buy on itunes
Shaggy  Clothes Drop  buy on itunes
Long Beach Dub All Stars  Sunny Hours  buy on itunes
Ini Kamoze  Here Comes the Hotstepper  buy on itunes
Miranda  Don!  buy on itunes
Caviar  Tangerine Speedo  buy on itunes
MaxAmillion  Sexual Healing  buy on itunes
Inner Circle  Games People Play  buy on itunes
O.A.R.  Lay Down  buy on itunes
Jack Johnson  Taylor  buy on itunes
Kirsty MacColl  Mamba De La Luna  buy on itunes
Acapulco Tropical  La Pollera Colora  buy on itunes
New Order/Madonna  Bizarre Love Triangle / Ray of Light (mash-up)  buy on itunes
Prozzak  Tsunami  buy on itunes
Smash Mouth  Summer Girl  buy on itunes
UB40  If it Happens Again  buy on itunes
Aztec Camera  All I Need is Everything  buy on itunes
Vitamin C  Smile  buy on itunes
Slightly Stoopid  Officer  buy on itunes
Fishbone with Gwen Stefani  Everybody is a Star  buy on itunes
Jimmy Cliff  I Can See Clearly Now  buy on itunes
My Blue Heaven soundtrack  Merengue  buy on itunes


Ooookay, this is definitely not going to endear me to anyone. I'm practically begging for AOTM's collective contempt here with Shaggy, Smash Mouth, Vitamin C, Baha Men, that Beach Boys song everyone hates, Aqua, Inner Circle, UB40, Buster Poindexter, and other songs that a lot of people find annoying. But I wanted to do a mildly tropical flavored party-type mix after noticing a slight trend on my iPod shuffle one day. Think of it as one long beach party, that's pretty much the idea. Bright, happy, carefree, lots of dancing and fun, both chill and ecstatic. These songs might seem lame, but they fit my theme as squarely as I could've hoped, and in spite of all, I must admit, I do like everything on here. It was all culled from my iPod, after all, so it stands to reason...I love a lot of it, actually.
I thought starting off with that somewhat infamous Beach Boys song would be a good ice-breaker: if you're willing to get into this groove, you'll have to decide right away. There are people who can enjoy "Kokomo" (personally, it used to be a favorite of mine when I was a wee naive lad raised on the "Cocktail" soundtrack, and then I realized it was pretty syrupy and not all that great especially compared to real Beach Boys music, and now I've come full circle to appreciate it again), and people who can't see past its overplayed, unbearably schmaltzy sheen. The former will probably see where I'm coming from and maybe even like the rest of the mix, and the latter can go back to their "cooler" music camps and share a moment's grief with one another over how some folks just don't know good music. I meanwhile am going to finish my margarita and go do the merengue out along the shore with the gang. Another marvelous day in paradise...cheers!


Date: 5/23/2007
This is GREAT! Well put together and immensely listenable if you ask me. I like that Delays choice, it is ver Carribean isn't it. And I'm a lover of Kokomo. There, I said it. Are the Baha Men & Inner Circle tracks covers?
Date: 5/23/2007
Great from end to end. Now where did I put that Batido de Pina?
Date: 5/23/2007
Christ Mike, this confounds me all ends up. It shows supreme imagination and refreshing ease with the subject matter but boy, every five or so tracks I get a punch in the face. I know we will never see eye to eye on this but Aqua are beyond redemption, Roxette are criminal and I recently listed that Ini Kamoze track as the 4th worst song ever written in an email to a friend.
God bless ya for your passion, always so eloquently conveyed in your notes. I always read the contents of your mixes knowing It will stir something in me good or bad. Here Comes the Hotstepper indeed...
Date: 5/23/2007
to be honest, i hate a lot of the stuff on here (although i like a small amount of it too) but i can see how this works and how i might like it in this arrangement.
Mike Eternity
Date: 5/23/2007
sammyg: yes, they're covers. "Games" is Joe South (which is somewhat better, but not as appropriate for this mix), and I can't remember which reggae-ish band originally did "Best Years"

Barry: thanks as usual. I like that you care, at least :) I won't deny how irritating Ini Kamoze can be, but I used to love that song back in 1994 when the "Ready to Wear" soundtrack came out. I still own it on tape...Out of curiosity, what are the 3 worst songs ever written? I'd love to see a list like that (wonder how many of them I probably like/can be found on my other mixes). I really wish you could let your guard down and enjoy Roxette and Aqua, though. Ditto Meatloaf, from a past comment. Pop music with no dignity ain't so bad, Barry! Even if it does give you tooth rot and brain melt. It's so happy, so catchy...
Date: 5/23/2007
True story this.. A couple of years ago whilst DJing at the club I've been resident at for a while now a young lad came up to me and said "Have you got the 'Liverpool Gangster'?". "Never Heard of it" I replied..
"Hey? Call yourself a DJ?" was his response..
"Well, yes. I also work in a music store so I know my stuff" was my response, now getting slightly irritated. This went on until I had to ask him to sing it to me..
You know, "Here comes the Hotstepper. I'm the Liverpool Gangster, Murrderer." the idiot replied. Always makes me laugh that. 'Best Years' was originally by Modern Romance btw...
Little Spencer Boys
Date: 5/24/2007
hehehe... it's all context. Even the 4th worst song (and Bobby Goldsboro better have a lock on 1, 2 or 3) works in context. This is a mix I'd love to have, 'specially for the covers...
and why not a collaboration on the worst songs that were hits?
Date: 5/28/2007
Must admit I have a soft spot for that Beach Boys track, also via the Cocktail soundtrack. Nothing wrong with 'bright, happy, carefree'...

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