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Super Summer 2007

Artist Song Buy
Pendulum  Prelude/Slam  buy on itunes
Capsule  Starry Sky  buy on itunes
XPQ-21  Beautiful  buy on itunes
Ladytron  Sugar  buy on itunes
Shout Out Out Out Out  They Tear Down Houses Don't They?  buy on itunes
Electric Six  Improper Dancing  buy on itunes
Hi-Town DJs  Ding-A-Ling  buy on itunes
Edwin Birdsong  Cola Bottle Baby  buy on itunes
Precursors  Hyperspace - Lightyears Away  buy on itunes
Star One  Intergalactic Space Crusaders  buy on itunes
Therion  Summer Night City  buy on itunes
The Pipettes  We Are The Pipettes  buy on itunes
Editors  All Sparks  buy on itunes
T.a.T.u. + Rammstein  Links 2 3 4 (Very Clear Mix)  buy on itunes
Pendulum  Hold Your Colour  buy on itunes
Particle  Launchpad  buy on itunes


OK, my first mix in a LONG time! A total mixed bag of stuff I've bought and downloaded over the last little while, all mixed up for my pal J's enjoyment.


Date: 6/5/2007
hooray for electric six!

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