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Cool, Cool, Cool of the Summer

Artist Song Buy
Frank Sinatra  In The Cool, Cool, Cool, of the Evening   buy on itunes
The Morning Benders  Last Today   buy on itunes
Dr. Dog  Heart It Races   buy on itunes
Papercuts  Summer Long   buy on itunes
Panda Bear  Comfy in Nautica   buy on itunes
Stars  The First Five Times (Russian Futurists Mix)   buy on itunes
Miles Davis  Summertime   buy on itunes
The Decemberists  From My Own True Love (Lost At Sea)   buy on itunes
Montag  Going Places   buy on itunes
Leyode  Hassami ft Savath y Savalas   buy on itunes
Of Montreal  Forcast Fascist Future (IQU Remix)   buy on itunes
Archie Schepp  Mama Too Tight   buy on itunes
Bumps  Tryplmeade Gorsmatch   buy on itunes
Yesterdays New Quintet  Welldone   buy on itunes
Lymbryc Systym  Truth Skull   buy on itunes
Feist  Gatekeeper (Pocketknifes Faded Beach Towel Remix)   buy on itunes
High Places  Head Spins   buy on itunes
Magical/Beautiful  South Carolina   buy on itunes
Loney, Dear  I Am the Odd One   buy on itunes
Seabear  I Sing I Swim   buy on itunes
Benoit Pioulard  Palimend   buy on itunes
New Young Pony Club  The Bomb (The Teenagers Crush LOU Remix)   buy on itunes
YACHT  The Summer Song   buy on itunes


This is a mix for the cool summer evening, while you relax on the back porch and watch the sunset.


controlled catastrophe
Date: 6/14/2007
Date: 6/20/2007
cool, cool, cool is right. I'd like to loop this one over my entire summer. so many great tunes here, with the best of the best being Dr. Dog, Panda Bear, Bumps, Yesterday's New Quintet... and Mr. Pioulard's number, of course. really like the jazz numbers you've mixed in too - they're a wonderful touch. one of the best mixes I've heard in a while.

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