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Jig Of Life

Artist Song Buy
Patti Smith  About A Boy  buy on itunes
Michael Nyman  Six Celan Songs: Psalm (Ute Lemper)  buy on itunes
Bjork  Vertabrae By Vertabrae  buy on itunes
Hector Zazou  The Lighthouse (Siouxsie Sioux)  buy on itunes
Kate Bush  Jig Of Life  buy on itunes
Ross Daly  Sousta  buy on itunes
Alice Coltrane  Galaxy In Satchidananda  buy on itunes
Jamyang Sakya  Green Tara Mantras II  buy on itunes
Sheila Chandra  Quiet 4  buy on itunes
Sinead O'Connor  I Am Stretched On Your Grave  buy on itunes
Marianne Faithfull with PJ Harvey  No Child Of Mine  buy on itunes
Nina Simone  Thandewye  buy on itunes



spunk these
Date: 6/24/2007
well, the ones that i do know-i love! good job!
Mark Petruccelli
Date: 6/25/2007
Wow, great Patti, Bjork and Kate tracks and love the closing three.
Date: 6/25/2007
Distinctly feminine. Shiva dances. For us all.
Date: 6/26/2007
track 2 perked up some ears when I played this at work. love the transitions between Kate Bush->Ross Daly->Alice Coltrane->Jamyang Sakya tracks, and really dig the Ross Daly pick. excellent work, as always.

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