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epic win

Artist Song Buy
tilly and the wall  nights of the living dead  buy on itunes
saves the day  jessie and my whetstone  buy on itunes
the weakerthans  our retired explorer  buy on itunes
rancid  roots radicals (acoustic)  buy on itunes
billy bragg  to have and have not  buy on itunes
kings of leon  the bucket  buy on itunes
the tragically hip  ahead by a century  buy on itunes
i'm from barcelona  oversleeping  buy on itunes
yasunori mitsuda  another termina  buy on itunes
great big sea  run runaway  buy on itunes
damien rice  coconut skins  buy on itunes
wilco  sky blue sky  buy on itunes
bob dylan  subterranean homeick blues  buy on itunes
bright eyes  june on the west coast  buy on itunes
death cab for cutie  your heart is an empty room  buy on itunes
rush  tom sawyer  buy on itunes
reel big fish  you don't know  buy on itunes
the vandals  happy birthday to me  buy on itunes
sarah silverman  porn song  buy on itunes
dvda  now you're a man  buy on itunes
bruce mcculloch  bob seger  buy on itunes
queen  bohemian rhapsody  buy on itunes


for chad, who wants to hear bands he hasn't heard before, who just got his first car, who thinks most of the same stuff that i do is funny, and who has promising (if inexperienced) taste in music. i included some bands i already know he likes (bright eyes, saves the day, death cab) just to pad it a little.


Date: 7/3/2007
roots radical acoustic? where can i get my hands on that?!
Date: 7/3/2007
it's from some unplugged acoustic set in seattle a couple of years ago. if you want to im me (aim: hallelujahlogic, just like on here), i'd be happy to send it to you.

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