The Record Store Challenege: The Top 15 Albums of 1976

Artist Song Buy
(#15) Billy Joel  Summer, Highland Falls (Turnstiles)  buy on itunes
(#14) The Flamin' Groovies  Shake Some Action (Shake Some Action)  buy on itunes
(#13) Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers  Breakdown (Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers)  buy on itunes
(#12) Steely Dan  Don't Take Me Alive (The Royal Scam)  buy on itunes
(#11) Peter Frampton  Something's Happenin' (Frampton Comes Alive!)  buy on itunes
(#10) Graham Parker  Pourin' it All Out (Heat Treatment)  buy on itunes
(#9) The Modern Lovers  Roadrunner (The Modern Lovers)  buy on itunes
(#8) David Bowie  Station to Station (Station to Station)  buy on itunes
(#7) Be Bop Deluxe  Sleep That Burns (Sunburst Finish)  buy on itunes
(#6) Boston  Foreplay/Long Time (Boston)  buy on itunes
(#5) The Ramones  Judy is a Punk (Ramones)  buy on itunes
(#4) The Doobie Brothers  Turn it Loose (Takin' it To the Streets)   buy on itunes
(#3) Al Stewart  Midas Shadow (Year of the Cat)  buy on itunes
(#2) Bob Dylan  Isis (Desire)  buy on itunes
(#1) Be Bop Deluxe  Bring Back the Spark (Modern Music)  buy on itunes


This is another record store challenge mix. I play a game with my roommate and the other guys I live with that goes like this: you reach into your pocket, pull out a coin, look at the date, and say, "Name "x" number of albums from "x" year." Well, I did this on my own in my den, pulled out a penny with a 1976, and then tried to figure out albums that came out in this year. Quite honestly, this was a sort of dry year in rock music...neither as exciting or interesting as 1975 or 1977. But anyway, I got to compiling. Any of the ordering is questionable, I guess. I'm sure plenty of folks wouldn't include Boston, as FM radio has ran the record into the ground. However, what a great debut album (great seller, too). And it has personal significance. Same with the Billy Joel album. And, as we all know, I'm a huge Be Bop Deluxe fan, explaining the inclusion of TWO of their albums in the top 10. I'd welcome any other inclusions, though I can say there were several that almost made the list. "How Dare You!" by 10cc, "Troubadour" by JJ Cale, "Saddle Tramp" by The Charlie Daniels Band, and "The Pretender" by Jackson Browne were all considerations. However, this is my list for the best of 1976. Let's hope next time I can pull out a penny that has 1967 or something to make my (not so official) job easier. Cheers!


Little Spencer Boys
Date: 7/8/2007
Sounds like a fun game and a great excuse to drink beer. Spencial thanks for Be Bop Deluxe (twice)!
Date: 7/8/2007
Mark Petruccelli
Date: 7/9/2007
You mean there was an album relased in '76 other than "Frampton Comes Alive"? 1,3,4,7,8,11,12 and 13 all still hold up for me.
Mike Eternity
Date: 7/9/2007
This is awesome! I love any excuse for a mix and ones spun off of random rules tickle me to death. I'll try my own in a few days' time, but I don't know that it'll compare to this. I'm not good at remembering exact years for music unless they're recent. You might say it's a dry year but you brought together a shit load of great songs here - I mean on tops of the ones you mentioned in your liner notes, there's freakin' Flamin' Groovies, Modern Lovers, and the Ramones debut (which I always forget is 76 or 77). Sounds killer to me. Looking forward to the next try
Date: 7/10/2007
1976-the year I was born. So already this is a winner for me. Great choices. Would've found room for something off of 'Songs In The Key Of Life' and 'Mothership Connection' by Parliament. But it's all good....

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