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Down with the King III

Artist Song Buy
The Small Faces  All or Nothing  buy on itunes
U.K. Subs  Stranglehold  buy on itunes
The Supremes  My World is Empty Without You  buy on itunes
This Mortal Coil  Late Night   buy on itunes
Dinah Washington  More Than You Know  buy on itunes
Billie Holiday  How Deep is the Ocean   buy on itunes
Superchunk  100,000 Fireflies  buy on itunes
Lloyd and Glen  Oh Little Girl (Take 2)  buy on itunes
Sam Cooke  Soothe Me   buy on itunes
Camille Yarbrough  Take Yo' Praise  buy on itunes
Wilson Pickett  Toe Hold   buy on itunes
Salt 'n' Pepa  Whatta Man  buy on itunes
Wreckless Eric  Whole Wide World   buy on itunes
Howlin' Wolf  Mr. Airplane Man  buy on itunes
Otis Redding  Cigarettes and Coffee  buy on itunes
The Pooh Sticks  Jelly on a Plate  buy on itunes
Bruce Cockburn  Let Us Go Laughing   buy on itunes
David Sylvian  Late Night Shopping   buy on itunes
Hnsker Dn  Reoccurring Dreams   buy on itunes
Etta James  At Last   buy on itunes



Rob Conroy
Date: 7/9/2007
You're wonderful and I love you. The fact that you managed to include "Reoccurring Dreams" on a romantic mix for me (let alone follow it up with that particular Etta James track) would be reason enough. The fact that the rest of this is fantastic doesn't hurt, either, particularly the Salt 'n' Pepa, Sam Cooke, Camille Yarbrough, Small Faces and Wreckless Eric songs. Lastly, that Howlin' Wolf-to-Otis Redding transition is gorgeous.
anthony lombardi
Date: 7/9/2007
love the soul bent on this one - that otis track is one of my very favorite songs of his
Mark Petruccelli
Date: 7/10/2007
A fantastic trio, Ms Queen. The opener and closer, 5-7 and 11-15 runs are gorgeous.
sport !
Date: 7/10/2007
Wow, THIS is what I'd call a romantic mix...very nice!
French Connection
Date: 7/10/2007
Oh to have a woman who made mixes for me like this, guess I'll just have to make do with 'H.' (Yeh I'm only brave enough to write that cos I know she won't ever see it ha)
Date: 7/10/2007
I'm with Anthony on this. Love the soul.
Date: 7/10/2007
to say something completely out of character for once: "that's hot"! nice work, swanksta'!
Mr. Mirage
Date: 7/11/2007
The Misfit
Date: 7/11/2007
Another winner!
Date: 7/12/2007
Quite the trilogy, SQ! I'm sure your prince charming will be forever grateful with these romantic interludes.
Rob Conroy
Date: 7/21/2007
Now that I've *really* digested this one, I wanted to tell you that: 1) that Billie Holiday to Superchunk transition is beyond genius, and 2) those last four songs--both as sequencing choices and as recordings--are unbelievably wonderful. Thanks again. This is definitely my favorite of the three.

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