When the Sun Breaks Through the Clouds: That Forgotten '60s Jangle (2 CDs)

Side A
Artist Song Buy
The We Five  You Were On My Mind  buy on itunes
Tommy James & the Shondells  I Think We're Alone Now  buy on itunes
Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart  I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight  buy on itunes
American Breed  Bend Me, Shape Me  buy on itunes
The Righteous Brothers  Little Latin Lupe Lu  buy on itunes
The Buckinghams  Mercy, Mercy, Mercy  buy on itunes
The Friends of Distinction  Love or Let Me Be Lonely  buy on itunes
Petula Clark  My Love  buy on itunes
The Supremes   Come See About Me  buy on itunes
Shades of Blue  Oh How Happy  buy on itunes
O'Kaysions  Girl Watcher  buy on itunes
J.J. Jackson  But It's Alright  buy on itunes
The Rascals  I've Been Lonely Too Long  buy on itunes
Marvin Gaye  Too Busy Thinkin' About My Baby  buy on itunes
The Intruders  Cowboys to Girls  buy on itunes
Cliff Nobles & Co.  The Horse  buy on itunes
Jay & the Americans  Come a Little Bit Closer  buy on itunes
Peppermint Rainbow  Will You Be Staying After Sunday  buy on itunes
Gary Puckett & the Union Gap  Over You  buy on itunes
Gerry & the Pacemakers  Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying  buy on itunes
Jack Nitzsche  The Lonely Surfer  buy on itunes
The Temptations  Since I Lost My Baby  buy on itunes
The Beach Boys  Don't Worry Baby  buy on itunes
The Association  Everything That Touches You  buy on itunes
The Montanas  You've Got to Be Loved  buy on itunes
The Cyrkle  Red Rubber Ball  buy on itunes
Every Mothers Son  Come on Down to My Boat  buy on itunes
The Byrds  The World Turns All Around Her  buy on itunes
The Ides of March  Girls Don't Grow on Trees  buy on itunes
Side B
The Ventures  Walk, Don't Run  buy on itunes
The Zombies  She's Not There  buy on itunes
The Grass Roots  Heaven Knows  buy on itunes
Neil Diamond  Thank the Lord for the Night Time  buy on itunes
The Vogues  You're the One  buy on itunes
The Mamas & the Papas  Monday, Monday  buy on itunes
Spanky & Our Gang  Sunday Will Never Be the Same  buy on itunes
The 5th Dimension  Up, Up and Away  buy on itunes
Keith  98.6  buy on itunes
The T-Bones  No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In)  buy on itunes
The Clique  Sugar on Sunday  buy on itunes
The Monkees  Sometime in the Morning  buy on itunes
The Lovin' Spoonful  You Didn't Have to Be So Nice  buy on itunes
The Turtles  You Know What I Mean  buy on itunes
The Drifters  Up on the Roof  buy on itunes
Betty Everett  The Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss)  buy on itunes
The Ronettes  Be My Baby  buy on itunes
Smokey Robinson & the Miracles  My Girl Has Gone  buy on itunes
The Spinners  Truly Yours  buy on itunes
The Four Tops  Baby I Need Your Loving  buy on itunes
The Happenings  See You in September  buy on itunes
The Beatles  Please Mister Postman  buy on itunes
The Cowsills  Mr. Flynn  buy on itunes
Manfred Mann  The Mighty Quinn  buy on itunes
The Hollies  Look Through Any Window  buy on itunes
The Searchers  When You Walk in the Room  buy on itunes
Left Banke  Barterers and the Wives  buy on itunes
The Beau Brummels  Turn Around  buy on itunes
Mason Williams  Classical Gas  buy on itunes


The real title of this mix is "When the Sun Breaks Through the Clouds: the '60s Jangle That Time Forgot (Or Never Really Cared About to Begin With)". Let's face it. These songs are about love, lost love, unrequited love. They're catchy. They have the swelling horns and strings. Whether we're talking about the soothing Motown bridges in the midst of both CDs, or the graceful instrumentals that seem to break these pop songs up, we know we're talking about the '60s. Did you know "The Horse" by Cliff Nobles was a #2 hit in 1968? Or that "Cowboys to Girls" by the Intruders, and "98.6" by Keith both broke into the top ten 40 years ago? And did you know that The Ides of March made songs that sound nothing like "Vehicle"? Me neither. I'm making sure that AM radio sound isn't overshadowed by the Doors and Jethro Tull. While the '60s jangle might be gone, I'm making sure it won't be forgotten.


Date: 8/15/2007
Wow, this looks amazing.
Date: 8/15/2007
Holy Cow, this is quite amazing A.D. I completely agree with boganlux. Oh, and we gotta trade Man...
Mark Petruccelli
Date: 8/15/2007
A great mixture of classic hits and long lost gems. Highest marks.
Date: 8/15/2007
Wonderful collection. Love that jangle.
Date: 8/15/2007
Songs I grow up with and still never tire of listening to. Excellent job.
anthony lombardi
Date: 8/15/2007
please get a download of this up ASAP - absolutely incredible
Date: 8/15/2007
Rob Conroy
Date: 8/15/2007
This looks fantastic.
Mike Eternity
Date: 8/15/2007
However far my music explorations take me, I'm not sure I'll ever find anything as deeply enjoyable as '60s pop. I would make more "oldies" (curse that term!) mixes myself but people like RetroJoe and others seem to have infinitely deeper resources from that time. Mine would just be the popular hits I grew up with (grew up with in the '80s, but still...), much like this mix, although you've added a bunch that, to my shock and excitement, I'm not even familiar with. More to track down and love! Thanks for that. And seriously, the ones I do know (about 80%) are so marvelously enchanting and, despite how often oldies have been re-packaged and put together haphazardly into collections, very refreshingly considered just delights me to no end. There are a ton of '60s "jangle" songs but you somehow found ones that share a similar energy and spirit. I must also applaud you for your Beatles choice - that must've been at least a little tricky, trying to find the most apt choice amongst all their many many great songs, but I agree that that's one of their most out-and-out blissful tracks. It belongs on here more than any others I can think of - well done! I have so much to learn from you...:)
Mike Eternity
Date: 8/15/2007
And yes, for the love of God please help bring back this style of '60s music as opposed to the classic rock, which is all fine and dandy but what a tragedy that stations playing Petula Clark, Ronettes, We Five and the like have all but vanished...at least in my corner of the world. Sad sad times in that respect
Date: 8/15/2007
what hemizen said.
Date: 8/16/2007

You have some of the best here: J. J.Jackson, Ronettes, Temptations, so many others. Excellent in every way.
Date: 8/16/2007
Phenomenal. Disliking this is nigh on impossible.
Funky Ratchet
Date: 8/16/2007
Dizzyingly good. Sooo many great tracks...
Date: 8/16/2007
Man, so much goodness in two concentrated CD's... I'm in awe. Good stuff.
Date: 8/17/2007
wow, lots of great stuff on here!! i can never get enough of the Zombies.
Date: 8/17/2007
Really enjoyed checking out what I haven't used on my prior mixes for the '60s (28 of the 58 tunes; 10 on disc 1, namely: tracks 9, 11, 18-21, 23, 25, & 28-29; and 18 on disc 2, namely: tracks 3-4, 6-8, 11-12, 14, 17-19, 22-23, & 25-29).Some were songs I'd passed up because I thought they'd been played too much, such as Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying, Be My Baby, or Classical Gas (but some songs are so good they can almost not be played too much).Others were songs I chose not to use due to time restraint, they didn't sound right in the particular mix, or I missed them some how, such as Don't Worry Baby, Heaven Knows, or Look Through Any Window.Lastly, there are the songs that I missed because they weren't listed in Billboards top 100, such as Thank the Lord for the Night Time and Please Mr. Postman.Thanks for giving me an opportunity to evaluate my past choices; it may make me a better mixer in the future.
Date: 8/19/2007
Ditto on the love of this resplendent era, and on your choices. Fun also to see a few I'm stumped to recall.
Date: 8/24/2007
Regarding my comment about songs on this mix that were excluded from my prior mixes... I was wrong about Classical Gas; it was not only used on 64 mixes on aotm, but this great #2 charted hit from '68 was also used on 2 of my mixes.. [So I guess I listened to my gut instinct and realized some songs can never be played too much.]

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