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Cassette | Alternative - Indie Rock
Cassette | Theme - Alternating DJ

My Previous Lives ... and a Mountain of Other Lies

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Moondog  Why Spend The Dark Night With You?  buy on itunes
The The  (I've Been Waitin' For Tomorrow) All Of My Life  buy on itunes
Young Marble Giants  Ode To Booker T.  buy on itunes
Einstnrzende Neubauten  The Garden  buy on itunes
iLiKETRAiNS  The Beeching Report  buy on itunes
Kevin Devine  Alabama Acres  buy on itunes
Crispin Hellion Glover  Getting Out Of Bed  buy on itunes
Van Der Graaf Generator  My Room (Waiting For Wonderland)  buy on itunes
Would-Be-Goods  Innocent Abroad  buy on itunes
Phil Ochs  Another Age  buy on itunes
Throwing Muses  Hate My Way  buy on itunes
Side B
Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine  The Only Living Boy In New Cross  buy on itunes
Pale Saints  Language Of Flowers  buy on itunes
Keren Ann  Lay Your Head Down  buy on itunes
The Triffids  Life Of Crime  buy on itunes
Mika  Billy Brown  buy on itunes
Luke Haines  Discomania  buy on itunes
Wild Beasts  Treacle Tin  buy on itunes
Asobi Seksu  Let Them Wait  buy on itunes
Ohbijou  Racoons  buy on itunes
The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir  Bet You Never Thought It Would Be Like This  buy on itunes
Roxy Music  If It Takes All Night  buy on itunes
Moondog  Be A Hobo  buy on itunes
Withnail & RHSB  In The Mood  buy on itunes


Embarrassingly I can't seem to recall if I wrote 'lives' or 'life'. Recorded for Alia612, title taken from the Pale Saints track (may or may not be misinterpretation of the line; if you have ever heard Pale Saints, you will know why and also why I don't remember using the singular or plural form). Ninety minute cassette, the 'official' mix bookended by the Moondog tracks, with Withnail as an entertaining little bonus (Ponce! Ponce! Ponce! Ponce! PERFUMED PONCE!) after a brief phase of nothing at the end. I'm quite happy with a)the way the timing turned out exactly right and b)the presence of the Luke Haines track having eventually been fully justified (or at least made a little more entertaining; I had got my doubts) by Kim Wilde coming up on my station when the tape's recipient was listening.


Date: 8/28/2007
This is almost too perfect. One of the best mixes I've seen for a while. Great stuff...
Date: 8/29/2007
This looks amazing! I would love to hear this.
Date: 8/30/2007
This looks like a killer set. Bonus points for, well, pretty much everything...but the Einstnrzende Neubauten, Van Der Graaf Generator and Pale Saints are a few I'd love see more of around these parts.

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