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Nature's Way Taxidermy Studio

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Strafe  Set it Off (extended remix)  buy on itunes
Thomas Truax  Full Moon Over Wowtown  buy on itunes
Buck 65  Le 65isme  buy on itunes
Tubeway Army  Down in the Park  buy on itunes
The Bad Plus  Iron Man  buy on itunes
The Donut People  Summerville  buy on itunes
The The  Perfect  buy on itunes
Fear  I Love Living in the City  buy on itunes
The English Beat  Jeanette  buy on itunes
Mood Ruff  Rocketship  buy on itunes
Biz Markie  Just a Friend  buy on itunes
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion  Rocketship  buy on itunes
The Tubes  White Punks on Dope  buy on itunes
The Monks  Drunken Maria  buy on itunes
Combustible Edison  Punch Drunk  buy on itunes
Blondie  Heart of Glass  buy on itunes
Neko Case  Deep Red Bells  buy on itunes
Nina Simone  My Father  buy on itunes
Side B
Bob Dylan  Ring Them Bells  buy on itunes
Sister Rosetta Tharpe  Sit Down  buy on itunes
Apostle of Hustle  They Shoot Horses, Don't They?  buy on itunes
Eden Ahbez  Nature Boy  buy on itunes
Mavis Staples  We Shall Not Be Moved  buy on itunes
The Clash  The Crooked Beat  buy on itunes
Combustible Edison  Headshake Rhumba  buy on itunes
Celso Machado  Lamento Andino  buy on itunes
Oliver Schroer  Santiago Street Sounds (field recording)  buy on itunes
Oliver Schroer  In Memory of Friends Past  buy on itunes
Thai Elephant Orchestra  Heavy Logs  buy on itunes
Colin McPhee  Gambangan  buy on itunes
Barry Truax  Bamboo, Silk & Stone  buy on itunes
Thomas Truax  Hornicator on the Orient Express  buy on itunes
Boards of Canada  Diving Station  buy on itunes
Mr. Bungle  Chemical Marriage  buy on itunes
Captain Beefheart  Big Black Baby Shoes  buy on itunes


Two-disc "for-the-hell-of-it" mix, a sort of housewarming present to myself after moving back to the city (hence the obnoxiously good Fear track) from the suburbs. Barry Truax is not related to Thomas Truax. I thought Barry's musique concrete would make for an intriguing juxtaposition with the ultra-cephalic utterances of the Thai Elephant Orchestra (with Colin McPhee as a palate-cleanser). As for Thomas Truax, I highly recommend that you hepcats get on the ball and buy his CDs, whether his solo work or as Like Wow (which Teapin once used on his "AotMic Power" best-of mix). Many thanks to my benefactor from the CBC for fulfilling record library requests. Thanks to my favo(u)rite Donut Person, as usual, for tech support, filling in the blanks on my wishlist, for the last-minute suggestion of "Heart of Glass", and for turning me on to The Monks!

Title palmed from a local business.


Rob Conroy
Date: 9/5/2007
I know I'm technically biased, but this mix is absolute genius. I'll be uploading it for the privileged masses within the next 24-to-36 hours. I'm especially fond of the T. Truax-The The, Mood Ruff-Monks, and Dylan-Clash sections, as well as those phenomenal tracks by Blondie, Neko Case (thank you for alerting me to its existence when I was ambivalent about Neko and thank Christ you finally used it, as it's one of the 100 best songs by anyone and I've been bursting at the seams to include it on one of *my* mixes--see my soon-to-be-posted new mix for confirmation), Barry Truax (thanks again for turning me on to him), Thai Elephant Orchestra (ditto), Boards of Canada and Beefheart tracks. Come to think of it, "Punch Drunk" by Combustible Edison songs is pretty great, as well, and I'd never heard that before.... You never cease to amaze me, dear, and you need to post mixes (particularly FTHOIs) more often.
Date: 9/5/2007
Yeah, that Dylan-Clash bit is a beauty, looking forward to the download...thanks Rob
p the swede
Date: 9/5/2007
you guys must have a wonderful time, cool stuff both of you picked
anthony lombardi
Date: 9/5/2007
this looks like the yin to rob's yang - nothing could be more fitting! fantastic
Date: 9/6/2007
Very cool. Not enough The The or Apostle of Hustle around here for my money.
Date: 9/6/2007
Very nice, especially love the Mavis Staples track.
Date: 9/6/2007
That's a great title (although I'm slightly disappointed that it's not culled from a song lyric--not that that makes it a lesser title, obviously, but I'd love to hear such a song), for a great mix.
Date: 9/6/2007
Great looking stuff (what I know), including what is probably my favorite (English) Beat track.
Mark Petruccelli
Date: 9/6/2007
So THAT's what you too were doing all week. Love the Buck 65, the Donut People (of course), The Tubes, Neko, Dylan, Mavis and Clash tracks and I've been dying to get that Thai Elephant disc for three years now.
Date: 9/7/2007
the bad plus' "iron man" is possibly one of the best covers of all time. i don't know a lot of this, but darn if it doesn't pique my curiosity.
Skipper Bartlett
Date: 9/7/2007
I love every thing on here that I know, I imagine the rest is great as well. Nice going. Nature's Way Taxidermy Studio...thats simply brilliant.
DJ Karen Adams
Date: 9/15/2007
Here sits a beautiful collection of friends. Love the title...Viva La Sanborn!!!
Media Vixen: Radio Sally
Date: 9/24/2007
So much. So good. And how did I miss "Set It Off" first time around? I listened to this about 25 times in one week.

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