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CD | Theme - Road Trip

Leamington Spa's Lissom Nephew

Artist Song Buy
Visitors  Goldmining  buy on itunes
A Chocolate Morning  This Isn't Mine  buy on itunes
Tony Head Experience  Debbie One  buy on itunes
Springfields  Tomorrow Ends Today  buy on itunes
A Strange Desire  Until Tomorrow  buy on itunes
Pastels  I Wonder Why  buy on itunes
Twa Toots  Yo Yo  buy on itunes
Turn To Flowers  On Her Own  buy on itunes
Wallflowers  Caution To The Wind  buy on itunes
BMX Bandits  Sad?  buy on itunes
Eggplant  No Hard Feelings  buy on itunes
Melons  From Hell To Helsinki  buy on itunes
Montgomery Clifts  Lovesville USA  buy on itunes
3 Action  Laughing In A Funny Way  buy on itunes
Bag o'Shells  Markers  buy on itunes
Vaselines  Dying For It  buy on itunes
Bobby Charltons  I Can Fly  buy on itunes
Chalk Giants  The Last Green Field  buy on itunes
Glo-Worm  Wishing Well  buy on itunes
Close Lobsters  Going To Heaven To See If It Rains  buy on itunes
Groovy Little Numbers  You Make My Head Explode  buy on itunes
Jim Jiminee  Housewife  buy on itunes
Men Of Westenesse  This Is Your Life  buy on itunes
Annie And The Aeroplanes  A Million Zillion Miles  buy on itunes
Choo Choo Train  High  buy on itunes


The second volume of shambly twee pop inspired by The Sound Of Leamington Spa comps.A certain American musician features prominently.Who he or she? Not a prize winning quiz as I'm sure Moe will triumph once again.


Date: 9/30/2007
More great stuff. I've got the Close Lobsters coming up on my next mix. No idea about the quiz. Kim Fowley? And is there really a band named 'Bobby Charltons'? I must check them out..
Btw, is that Pastels track acover of the Curtis Stigers classic?
Rob Conroy
Date: 9/30/2007
Phenomenal. Again, what can we do about engineering an over-the-pond trade?
Date: 9/30/2007
Lovin' it! Great tunes from the Pasterls, Melons, Groovy Little Numbers, Twa Toots....Well let me think for a second. American Ric Menck was in Bag O'Shells, Springfields and Velvet Crush. But no prize? :(
Date: 10/1/2007
Woops! Meant to say Choo Choo Train, though he was in Velvet Crush too. And I spelled Pastels incorrectly as well. I'm a mess.
Date: 10/1/2007
unfamiliar with any of this but any mix with lissom in the title has to be good.
Date: 10/1/2007
Can't say I know very much here and not sure what shambly twee pop would mean.
Date: 1/15/2008
I was in Annie and the Aeroplanes.We had nowt to do with Leamington Spa.How come our single is on this mix?Who are you people?Where's my money?

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