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Other Mixes By KathrynandRupert

CD | Theme - Road Trip

Leamington's Spa Prurient Aunt

Artist Song Buy
1,000 Violins  Please Don't Sandblast My House  buy on itunes
Picnic  Seventeen  buy on itunes
Weather Prophets  Faithful  buy on itunes
County Fathers  You Think It's So Easy  buy on itunes
Big Red Bus  Like Paper  buy on itunes
Train Set  She's Gone  buy on itunes
Dawn Chorus And The Blue Tits  What's Wrong With Me?  buy on itunes
Singing Ringing Tree  Good Day Good  buy on itunes
Mighty Mighty  Is There Anyone Out There For Me?  buy on itunes
Man Upstairs  Country Boy  buy on itunes
Dentists  Just Like Oliver Reed  buy on itunes
All Over The Place  Scattered  buy on itunes
Chin Chin  Stop! Your Crying  buy on itunes
Candie Maids  Threadbare  buy on itunes
Servants  The Sun, A Small Star  buy on itunes
Jeremiahs  Driving Into The Sun  buy on itunes
Desert Wolves  Speak To Me Rochelle  buy on itunes
Clamheads  Never Crack On  buy on itunes
Popguns  Waiting For The Winter  buy on itunes
Hang David  Ride  buy on itunes
Trash Can Sinatras  Obscurity Knocks  buy on itunes
How Many Beans Make Five  Alison Says  buy on itunes
Man From Delmonte  Lasha Me  buy on itunes
Club Hoy  Green And Blue  buy on itunes
Wolfhounds  The Anti Midas Touch  buy on itunes


The final instalment and I think the best.Some of these bands almost collided with the public's consciousness.A mix-winning quiz.Hmm,one that can outwit Moe.How about what connects 4 and 7?


Rob Conroy
Date: 10/8/2007
I have no idea what the link is, but I sure love that Trash Can Sinatras track (among others on this great mix).
Date: 10/9/2007
If the quiz will Outwit Moe the rest of use mere mortals don't stand a chance! Great mix once again. I'd kill for this series..
Date: 10/9/2007
Another spa-tacular installment -- does it really have to be the last? Lovely trax by the Popguns, Chin Chin, Dentists and TCS. So was I right with the answer I e-mailed you? If so, I'll give the answer to Sammy so he can win:) He lives right down the street from you guys.
Date: 10/14/2007
What a great idea! I'd love to hear this -- will you be uploading it?
Jessel Baltazar
Date: 12/17/2007
so what was the connection between Dawn Chorus and The County Fathers? I am really curious!

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