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essay #5 (my podcast)

Artist Song Buy
buffy sainte-marie  house carpenter (0:00 to 3:40)  buy on itunes
ed askew  fancy that (3:41 to 8:30)  buy on itunes
liu fang  the romance of the red river valley (8:31 to 11:59)  buy on itunes
morita doji  back light (12:00 to 14:38)  buy on itunes
joe mcphee  blues for new chicago (14:39 to 20:07)  buy on itunes
mississippi john hurt  got the blues (can't be satisfied) (20:37 to 23:26)  buy on itunes
the sonics  have love, will travel (23:27 to 25:58)  buy on itunes
king khan & bbq show  into the snow (25:59 to 29:08)  buy on itunes
miss ludella black  this room (29:09 to 31:55)  buy on itunes
wanda jackson  fujiyama mama (31:56 to 34:06)  buy on itunes
gum  injected by a certain amount of charisma (34:44 to 38:16)  buy on itunes
amk & kitten on the keys  now & forever (38:17 to 40:18)  buy on itunes
chop shop  hello (40:19 to 43:11)  buy on itunes
russian tsarcasm  my life is as natural as my grip on the machete #1 (43:12 to 46:27)  buy on itunes
blues control  end zone (46:28 to 52:33)  buy on itunes
bad times  streets of iron (52:58 to 54:44)  buy on itunes
teengenerate  let's get hurt (54:45 to 57:38)  buy on itunes
urinals  dead flowers (57:39 to 58:34)  buy on itunes
april march  chick habit (58:35 to 60:40)  buy on itunes
fabienne delsol  catch me a rat (60:41 to 62:48)  buy on itunes
anouk  jimmy est parti (62:49 to 64:31)  buy on itunes
jung hyun and the men  grass (64:32 to 69:18)  buy on itunes
octopus frontier  untitled #5 (70:04 to 71:45)  buy on itunes
locust sympathizer  wyoming 1873 (71:46 to 77:02)  buy on itunes
pedestrian deposit  lurking behind doors (77:03 to 81:00)  buy on itunes
fckn'bstrds  katsvast (81:01 to 82:15)  buy on itunes
julian bradley  opener (82:16 to 85:48)  buy on itunes
facialmess  dub specialist (86:16 to 89:15)  buy on itunes


despite the fact that there's a lot of structured songs to be found, this one still gets really noisy. for flow's sake i saved the harsh noise for the latter part of the show.

blues, jazz, garage rock, punk slop, girl pop, harsh noise, experimental, avant-garde, psychedelic, folk... not for those of closed minds.

download from here. stream from here.


Date: 10/12/2007
I've been looking forward to your mixes of late. Never managed to Download one as yet ( this being no exception ), but the stream option is cool. Nice blog too... Pre listen, love 7,10,18 & 19.
Date: 10/12/2007
6-7 are two of my personal favorites, but a lot of nice surprises here.
avant gardening
Date: 10/13/2007
yay! thanks a lot for the comments. doowad, i was really pleased with how well 6 & 7 sounded with each other. once that guitar on have love will travel kicks in, it's a glorious thing. rob, this is probably my favorite one that i've done so far, too. i'm actually having a lot of fun doing these, which is great. i think i covered more ground, in a more cohesive way than i have before.
Date: 10/13/2007
Love the buffy sainte-marie, ed askew mississippi john hurt, the sonics and wanda jackson tracks.
Date: 10/15/2007
The opening eight is flawless. Really good mix.
avant gardening
Date: 10/15/2007
thanks man!

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