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Hackers - A Revisionist Soundtrack

Artist Song Buy
Orbital  Halcyon+on+on  buy on itunes
Leftfield  Open Up  buy on itunes
Kruder & Dorfmeister  Original Bedroom Rockers (excerpt)  buy on itunes
Underworld  Cowgirl  buy on itunes
Stereo MCs  Connected  buy on itunes
Love and Rockets  Holy Fool  buy on itunes
David Bowie  Little Wonder (Danny Saber Dance Mix)  buy on itunes
Urban Dance Squad  Good Grief  buy on itunes
Simon Boswell  The Diskette  buy on itunes
Crustation  Purple  buy on itunes
UNKLE  Be There  buy on itunes
Prodigy  Voodoo People  buy on itunes
Simon Boswell  Launch Da Vinci  buy on itunes
Fluke  Absurd  buy on itunes
DJ Rap  Good to be Alive  buy on itunes


Ok, it's a silly movie -- but there's some kickass music in it, and it's become my default dvd to run in the background during late-night programming sprees... the only problem, the official soundtrack(s) suck -- all three of them. So here's my take: some songs from the movie, a bunch of songs that weren't but should have been, some of the incidental music, and a boat-load of quotes from the film, all mixed together in the traditional Adobe style. I'm very happy with the way this turned out. Email me for a copy.
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Date: 5/5/2001
I want this! Do you ever stop making the mixes I wished I made? You are a mix monster! Some very good tunes here. That David Bowie remix is spectacular, plus it doesn't hurt that the song was good to begin with. Keep up the good work, man, and dont keep me waiting for yet another Adobe Sound Lab mix...
Date: 5/5/2001
Very nice. It is a silly movie, but it's fun, too. You picked all the best songs. Great job
Date: 5/11/2001
I recieved this piece of art yesterday, and I can't express my enthusiasm enough. I liked how ASL put the movie samples in the tracks rather than the standard, track/sample/track/sample format. This makes for a more interesting and involved listen. ASL also included the only songs I did like off the original "Hackers" OSt, and then put in some more very cool hackers-esque tunes. I am never disappointed when I recieve a mix from ASL, and this mix is no exception. If only the big record companies woul dhave made something as grand as this mix... ASL, did you ever consider a career as a soundtrack producer? Thanks for the mix!
Rik Akey
Date: 5/18/2001
Must have, must have, must have.
Sure, I've got all these choons scattered about my collection, but I wanna hear what YOU did with them in the context of one of the best worst movies ever.
Rik Akey
Date: 5/25/2001
I got this snazzy disc the other day (thanks ASL!) and have been enjoying it since. If you've never seen the movie, get this and write your own movie in your head with this disc as the soundtrack. Come to think of it, your movie just might be better than the original.
Date: 4/6/2002
Wonderful CD. Masterfully mixed and much better then any of the offical soundracks. Great job.Thanks!

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